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By chance you are here. How, I do not know. Why, I cannot fathom. However, you are, and this is how it is.

You are being warned right now. I house guest pieces and my own works; if you are sensitive to any type of homosexuality, steer clear of things marked slash & shounen-ai & yaoi (male/male) and saffic & shoujo-ai & yuri (female/female).

This does not mean there aren't gen!fics or heterosexual romances on archive. On the contrary, there are. Maybe not as bountiful as one would prefer, but you can't have everything.

Child-friendly we are not particularly, but this place merits no need for page protection programs, because it's not a porn/hentai site with dirty pictures. Parents, if your children points this place out and it's not to your liking, scold them, not me. I warned them, and if they're websurfing, they can obvious read and understand consequences of warnings. It's their own fault they didn't listen.

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