Kings of the Desert: A one-parter, looking into Stoeller, Sanders, and Pierce's new warrior life shortly before recruiting an ex-Backdraft employee valiantly running pursecution, because he can't live if they take his beloved visor away. Shounen-ai.

Of Water and Bridges: An attack, a thunderstorm, and the Blitz Team's opinion on the ex-evil people. Joy. Yaoi.

Children of the Century: In the Firecore Tournament, a woman enters with a one-of-a-kind zoid and a critter on her shoulder. No one thinks much of it; they're too busy avoiding her for the sake that she's not too stable in the head, talking to no one over her shoulder. Why does she stare at select people like they were terrifying monsters ready to kill? Shounen-ai.

The Elephander Saga
by: Luna Tiger

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