Four different tales of four different lives, shaped by what should have been and what always will be.

Hayato, the one who was left behind.

Jasir, never human and lost to concept.

Ryoushi, the lone and faithless hunter.

Yohji, the shadow in Rika's mirror.

The first three are Digimon Adventure based, but do not intertwine in the same universe. Yohji's more of a Tamer's side story, like an hour-long movie. All four also make an appearance in DSDC, as a group of military agents with Digimon that had no hold on /any/ of the stories. And it's /that/ group that's called the Digimon Soldiers.

Digimon Soldiers
by: Luna Tiger

Faith Renewed /// Jogress Traitors
(Story of Ryoushi)

His Bleeding Sorrow
(Story of Hayato)

The Devious Tamer
(Story of Yohji)

Unearthly Encounters of the Digi-Kind
(Story of Jasir)