Five years later, Kouichi falls into another coma.

Six years later, Taichi, Aiyote, and Ken vanish without a trace.

Twenty-two years later, Takato never makes it back home.

Right before Ryoushi's eyes, Jasir vanished

Their friends are frantic, desperate, hysterical with worry. No one can tell them what's going on, and all are unsure how to take action...

The mother brain of all Digiworlds, Subternia, has been invaded, and a reborn Piedmon is behind it all. He gets his way, and multi-alternate Digital Worlds will crash faster than you can say, "reboot."

So what's the connection?

Featuring two other teams, the Ranchers and the Soldiers.

Digital Subternia: Dimension Conversion
by: Luna Tiger


Chapter 1