Special abilities called ____, give a character a boost or something they couldn't do previously. Everyone has different ____. There are gauges that indicate when this is reached. Now, you can save a full gauge, like in FF7, but you can choose to attack normally also, like in FFX. As well, players can set how a chara receives it, also like the system in FFX.

Cyndrey -

Metis - a choice: a three/four turn x2 power boost or the command to predict the monsters moveset for the rest of the battle (in a fashion like the FFX turngraph), which includes a percentage that'll say if there's a chance of surviving that particular battle (boss battles are iffy with the percentage, maybe even with the moves). {Strength :: Foresight}

Mune - a choice: a x2.5 permenant-battle magic boost or to call upon demon spirits that'll protect the group for five of her turns (Wall, technically) {Dark Arts :: Breathren}

Koarin - a choice: a temporary x5 power boost or a x2 permenant-battle magic boost {Strength :: Wicca}

Cid - will transform into his more powerful 'human' form, by way of special stones that can be found (or bought, perhaps); Cid will want to keep them since he like pretty rocks. Once the gauge is full, a player will choose a three stone combination and the transformation will be a result of it, whether it'll be based on elemental status or a significant boost in power, combinations might be limitless. [Cid does not receive a gauge until the aproximate time in the game when he is finally able to do so; by then, the player will have the first three stones-- Hematite, Quartz, Gypsm-- or maybe even more, but those three are the base evolution (think Ryu's dragon forms in BoF3)] {Morph}

Kessie - the raptor songs. Over time, he can learn songs from wandering musicians.. I guess it's like Mog from FF6? Or maybe he'll learn a song with every flute he picks up? ..Like Zidane's dyne and his swords, I think. And with those songs, Naryn will react to them. {Melody}

Ajek - a choice is offered, either a x3 temp. power boost or to call upon a special wraith from a necklace he wears: Odin, who'll do an instant KO (zantetsuken; 85% accurate) or non-elemental damage (gungnir lance). Gungnir Lance is automatic against bosses. {Strength :: Envoke}

Ukio -