Cyndrey Draconica -- 23, (dark complextion, deep royal purple eyes, snowy white hair,) 5'8" Ex (special forces) knight (Broad-sword, double edge sword) (dark grey pants plated in armor, heavy boots also plated, black trench coat, sleeveless, dark red shirt with ties at the neck) (dragon trainer/tamer)

Metis Akarmen -- 21, african american, green eyes, black hair, 5'6", Warrior/amazon (Oak rod and iron daggers) (loose sage green pants, black bra halter top, red sash belt) (gift of foresight)

Koarin Whispher -- 19, blue eyes, blonde hair, yummy body ^^;;, male White Mage (Whip claws and twine bow) (dark blue leather pants, feathery white robe, studded metal belt, criss-crossing leather straps underneath a loose, blue silk shirt) (called a girl for half the story, has to reveal himself as a man later on)

Ukio Tenko -- 31, 6'4", carmely skin/lean built, chocolate eyes, waist length black hair, theif/ninja (Mythril katana and shuriken) ()

Cidino Tatiara Mooncast the 11th "Cid" -- small fox animal, knows Ko, kitsune, never has transformed

Mune Muraliber -- 15, 5'0", platinum blonde-silver hair, hazel eyes, apprentice of Tetrisis (old man), female black mage (enchanted staff) (black cape with gold chain-clasp, moon hook/clasp, black leather top showing too much cleavage, criss cross straps, black tights, purple skirt that hangs in the front and back, leaves outside thighs bare, delicate gloves)

Ajek Catalyza -- 23, 5'10", traveller, long dark red hair, blue eyes, (whip, spear) (old, ragged traveller's clothes) (hots for Ko)

Kessutasyon Berthel "Kessi" -- 12, 4'7", short unruly light-blue hair with gold highlights, green eyes, male, lives alone in the woods, hawker (hawk's name is Naryn) (flute and raptor songs that Naryn obeys) (a yellow one sleeved [and one strapped] shirt that hangs across his chest that's too big on him, thin black pants, leather booties)


{broadswords} Cyndrey (broad sword, buster sword, sand sabre, ragnarok, Ultima Weapon*)

{staffs, bo} Metis (oak staff, quarter staff, iron rod, Mystiqual*)

{claws, katal // archery} Koarin (cat's claw, jagged claw, wisp knife, wolf fangs, dreag-scale, Hand of Blood*) ([wooden arrows] wooden bow, lead tip, fire storm, bubble silver bow, Goldenshaft Bow*)

{longsword} Sachio (nodachi, murasame, phoenix tail, gambler's debt, Masamune*)

{nails} Cid (claw dagger, kaiser knuckle, tiger's paw, Titanium Nails*)

{magical rods} Mune (Comet's Tail*)

{whips} Ajek (stock whip, snake tongue, rainbow flogger, thick whip, cat-o'-nine tails, , Save the King*)

{flutes} Kessi (wooden flute, mythril flute, tempest flute, fairy flute, piccolo, Angel's Cry*)