One year later

Cyndrey and Metis become parents to a baby boy. Player names it (default: Koarin)

Kessi has gone back to his parents as Prince. Naryn is still with him.

Mune is traveling the world for (HAVE TO NAME HIM!!), not knowing that he's been following her the entire time.

Cid is now head of his tribe and mated with his long-time love Junipé.

Ajek is happily residing in Bahamut's palace, where he is writing a book on his adventures. A white dove with a golden crest remains perched on his shoulder.

And he writes on a fresh page, in a sandskrit/arabic-like language (appearing/vanishing subtitles): With a final goodbye, the weary adventurers went our own separate ways, to seek out the lives they knew would hopefully bring them joy and peace. And they all lived happily ever after. The book closes and the title is: Final Fantasy Reverse, by Ajek Catalysm