Eren Pherna -- Ko's rescue-ee (cursed with being the key to opening the doors of Phantasmalice), kidnapped by the king of Elephants, harem master Ęgerus, hinted to be Sraphim (angel deity) [is Sraphim's Shimmer form]

Ęgerus -- a greedy man for money, power, and women. He kidnapped Eren from somewhere and Ko was sent by an anonymous source (Bahamut) to rescue her.

Tyr -- A shimmer who'd been twisted by hate and is out for revenge on Fenrir, and while he's at it, destroy the 'tainted' world and reclaim it for his own making. Evil. His reason: "Humans are weak creatures, frail and vulnerable. How could they inherit a world where the beasts are bigger, deadly, and even more deserving. ..This was once the province of an old king who hides in his palace on the other side of reality, who disowned and dismissed me, his own blood! I claim this land as it is also his scorn; we were meant to be." .... Bastard son of Bahamut by the witch Medea, another revenge thing.

Fenrir -- a wild wraith bent on making Trystal his personal hell hole. Very evil. The group make contact with him a few times, enraging him with each victory they have over him.

Erebus Aether -- Evadne -- (Ophaetis)