Mune Muraliber

Gender- female

Age- 15

Height- 5'0"

Hair- dark brown, one grey streak, mid-back length

Eyes- hazel

Skin- asian, olive

Clothes- black cape with gold chain-clasp, moon hook/clasp, black leather top showing too much cleavage, the cleavage held together by short belt straps, criss-cross straps on flanks, purposefully torn black tights, purple skirt that hangs in the front and back, leaves outside thighs bare

Weapon- staff (close range)

Occupation- black mage

History- Your basic egotist. Mune is the disciple of Te--, a master Arcanum wizard. She's technically still studying and can sometimes be found with her head in a spellbook, itching to test her skills. Her parents live in ____; her father encourages her training, her mother is still very wary of it and would rather see her dating and getting married.