FF Apocalypse

A planet called Trystal with its waters dark and unnavigatable, the Grenquier continent sits alone and the inhabitants are tortured souls, making a meisly living on the sorry land. But, it is a land that has its gods. The priests of the Bahamut shrine have three knights to defend it from the daily bandit who threatens to take their scarce amount of food. And one of the more recent attempts has left Cyndrey on a mission.

Alexander (holy)-Holy Judgement

Bahamut/Neo/ZERO (non-elemental)-Mega Flare/Giga Flare/Terra Flare

Carbuncle ('reflect')-Ruby Light

Cerberus ('double+triple')-Counter Rockets

Diablos (non-elemental/gravity)-Dark Messanger

Fenrir (earth)-Terrestrial Rage

Hades (non-elemental)-Black Cauldron

Ifrit (fire)-Hellfire

Kirin ('recovery')-Life Guard

Leviathan (water)-Tsunami


Odin (non-elemental)-Grunge Lance/Zantetsuken

Shiva (ice)-Diamond Dust

Siren ('silence')-Silent Voice

Sraphim ('cure')-Reviver

knight (male)- amazon (female)- white mage (male)- black mage (female)- healer (male)- traveller (male)- ninja/thief (male)- hawker (male)

Eren Pherna -- Ko's rescue-ee (cursed with being the key to opening the doors of Phantasmalice), kidnapped by the king of Elephants, harem master Ęgerus, hinted to be Sraphim (angel deity) [is Sraphim's Shimmer form]

Erebus Aether -- Evadne -- (Ophaetis)

Tyr -- big antagonist, one handed in some way

Fenrir -- Fenris-wolf, bit the hand off Tyr, another antagonist

Trystal -- Tartarus Gates = Elysium Gates -- Phantasmalice

Phantasmagorian= person of Phantasmalice - a Shimmer to Trystians

Trystal is the living world, Phantasmalice is the land of the dead, in theory. In reality, they are two planes caught in a dimensional shift.

Summons -power cubes- Seidrions (sbj to change)

Cyndrey - fire - hi

Metis - lightning - inazuma

Koarin - holy - kiyoraka

Hikou - ice - kori

Cid - earth - jimen

Mune - "the focal point" heck, she /is/ the black mage

Ajek - metal - kinzoku

Kessi - wind - kazi

Wood (zaimoku) and water (mizu) are dead, water killed by Fenrir and wood killed by Cyndrey.