A civilization with nothing but terror and fear only creates barbarians. Kingdoms declare war upon war for the few supplies others possess. People die of diseases, famine, and hunger. Animals are nearly extinct and there is only anarchy in what they call Grenquier.

Travel is impossible, the edges around their land blocked by a thick black mist, and the water is as black as it's aerial counterpart. Deadly monsters roam those waters, swallowing boat-bearing cargo ships, along with its sailors and goods.

The old gods have been forgotten, locked away into fairytales that mothers tell their children at night in barely suitable shelters. Only a select few worship the gods that brought brilliance to the world and it is time to revive them to their splendor.

This is the journey of a man named Cyndrey Draconica, a decendant of the Dragon God Bahamut, and those he meets along the way. Where is it that his destiny will lead him? Only Sraphim knows..

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