*heart-beat sound* *fade in white words, in a ripple fashion against a murky blue-black background*

Be it at best.
Let the dragon rage,
the forest grow,
and the servants die.
Who are we?
Nothing that you could fathom.
What are we?
It's no use.
We are the unseen,
the haunted,
the billowy winds in the willow's branches.
Listen to the beat of your heart
and wonder.

*fade out*

*CG: giant black lizard foot steps in the background, which is a muddy puddle. Fast rise to a left-side head shot of a green and black dragon head roaring against a blue-sky background, with startled birds flying away. Pan out and curve to show the full front of the dragon, who's now looking at the ground, and a man standing infront of it, defiantly. Dragon lunges, but the man jumps an unnatural height and lands on the dragon's back, trying to tie a harness around its mouth.

It's a struggle, as the man get's thrown off a few times and at each recovery, he tries a different approach, as this dragon certainly doesn't want to be caught. It roars again, and tries to run away when the man nearly succeeds. Man grabs at the dragon's tail, but misses by an inch. Shot from the man glaring on the ground, his face in the murky mud-water, to the backside of the dragon, flying away into the sky.

Man shakes his head and picks himself up, wiping his face and getting some of it off. He's still disappointed, at a profile/frontal upward angle. Bust angle as he shakes his head and starts walking back towards the woods. Worm angle of him picking up an old sword and follows him up as he straps it to his back.

POV angle of someone looking out between the leaves in the bushes, pushing them aside with dark, thin hands, watching the man walk to somewhere towards the left side. POV switch to close up of mysterious face, shrouded in shadows. Pan away and make a sweeping arc to the right, getting a look at the small, surrounding area, and land on man's back as he enters the forest.

[insert unfriendly meeting/chase scene]**

**field sector of jungly surroundings of temple / temple entrance/roof/wallside angle**

Cyndrey: *walking up the small temple steps*

Priest Meffer: *watering plants on the top platform* *looks out* Ohh! Master//

*insert chara name**

//Cyndrey! *runs towards him* Master Cyndrey, did you get the dragon??

Cyndrey: No. *taps his foot and looks down, hands on hips* Who in their right mind would order for a Jaded Dragon anyway?

Priest Meffer: Someone who's willing to pay 6,500 for it.

Cyndrey: It's not enough. I can tame dragons with a touch, sir, but Jaded Dragons are nerveless. The one I found was still a two-yearling. *walks past Meffer and into the temple* Ran off after a few attempts.

Meffer: *enters with him* But... but Cyndrey..

**field sector inside temple shot, walk out from chamber room**

Cyndrey: No. You'll just have to tell ... what's his name--

Meffer: Aegerus.

Cyndrey: --Aegerus that he can either find himself another Dragon Knight or request another dragon, because a Jaded is out of the question.

Meffer: *stops and watches Cyndrey walk on* Oh dear. *pause* Master Cyndrey! *starts running after him*

Cyndrey: What? *stops and turns around*

Meffer: Is something troubling you?

Cyndrey: *pause* I ran into that Amazon girl again. Still didn't tell me what her game is.

Meffer: Oh. Oh my. Same one?

Cyndrey: None other.

Meffer: Perhaps you should talk to the High Priest. He might allow you permission to travel to Azunia and discuss this harrassment with Queen Hyppolita.

Cyndrey: *nods* I should. This is beginning to get too out of hand.

**free range movement**

{Priest Hurra: Welcome home, Master Cyndrey! Was your trip successful?}

**"treasure room"** {Priest-in-training: *standing on a ladder, dusting a large, gold statue* This is such hard work. I'd resent my family for sending me here, but I know they had a good cause to.}

{Priest Kalb: My apprentice tends to be sloppy, but he tries his best. You do your best too.}

**resting quarters**

{Priest June: Oh, Master Cyndrey! Are you alright? Well, if you ever need to rest your body, our beds are always open for your service.}

{'sleeping man': Zzzzz Zzzzz No Mommy, ten more minutes... Zzz}


{Priest-in-training: *pacing back and forth with a bucket of water, water sloshing* Wahh! It's spilling, it's spilling! Help!}

{Priest Ashe: Oh, he's trouble. Such a klutz. Did you know I've been training him for over three years? It almost seems hopeless.}

{Lady Geola: *praying at a statue* Do not disturb me, please.}

{Priest: *trimming hedges* It's so peaceful in this part of the world. There's never any trouble, and we can do our duties without many outside influences, like war and hate.}

**conference hall**

High Priest Lumana: *talking to a new arrival* I would if I could, sir, but we do not allow criminals to take refuge in our temple. Had we not had a mass slaughter of our holy men some time ago, we'd be happy to take you in. I'm sorry...but we can no longer protect law-runners.

stranger: Please! I'm innocent! They'll catch me and they'll hang me without trial! I beg you. Please reconsider!

Lumana: I'm truly sorry, young man. The best we can do for you is pack you some food and send you on your way.

stranger: ....... *turns and starts walking for the door, dejected* *bumps into Cyndrey accidentally* Oi, 'cuse me, sir.

Cyndrey: *moves aside to let the stranger go, waching him leave* *turns back to Lumana after a moment* Sir.

Lumana: Ah, Cyndrey. Back so soon? You've only been gone two days.

Cyndrey: I gave up, sir. I said it earlier to Meffer; Jaded dragons are only trouble when it comes to being tamed. But I did give it my best shot.

Lumana: My regrets to you. ..Is.. there something else?

Cyndrey: Sir. I would like permission to leave for Azunia to speak with the Amazon queen. Her little pest of a rogue keeps on picking fights, and I would honestly like to know why she's so far from home, and why she's being a thorn in my side.

Lumana: Still don't have her name, I take it.

Cyndrey: *throws an arm up casually* She hasn't said more than two words since the first time we 'met', let alone telling me who she is. It's bothering me, sir. She could be a spy, or something.

Lumana: You know the pact between me and Hyppolita forbids either of our intervention of borders.

Cyndrey: I do. And this is clearly a violation of that agreement. Why should we put up with a misfit like her when we've honored our part of the deal? It's only fair we demand an explanation.

Lumana: I suppose.