"Welcome, traitor. Enjoy your stay.. while it lasts."

Uh... thank you.. Sephiroth.. *blink*

RufusRuaki-chan*_* Ruffles has come to me... *snaps out of it* o.o ^^;; hehehe. Rufus Shinra, at his finest.. which would be barechested. And I must say, Ruaki-chan does one hot-looking Rufus. *_*
Rufus and RenoRuaki-chan^_^ *squeal!* Yes, I like them as a couple very much.. If you do not like males hugging and/or one of them possessing a gun at the same time, do not enter. Otherwise.. *shove* @_^ I'm just a rude lil potato.
RufusRuaki-chanRuffles!!! ^_^ Waaa! Ilovehimlovehimlovehim!!!! Chain!
SephirothAuroran FlashLinked off-site with permission, my mommy drew the all mighty Sephiroth! ^_^ Verreh perdie! He's sheading tears. Po' akutenshi..
ZackAuroran FlashThis one is of Zack, ^_@ drinking a margarita. *ahems, coughs, and stares at the boy's chest and trunks* ^^;;;;;

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