Chocobos are the giant, goofy birds you find randomly in battles while having the Chocobo Lure equipped and running around on the patches of green around the whole Ranch or the tracks in various places around the world, who come complete with the best music next to OWA. ^_~

Here, you'll get information on how to get special Chocobos, what's out there, other tidbits and my Chocobos. ^_^ *so proud of them*


In the races, you see many variety of colors, such as blue, purple, red, pink, yellow, and white. ... I want a white. ={ ... Anyway, there are other colors too.

Yellow is the standard color for Chocobo plumage. You can get these guys everywhere, as long as you have bird tracks to follow. Here are some of the places you can get them.

The whole light green area around the Chocobo Ranch (forget just going for those tracks).
Junon Area
Gold Saucer Area
Rocket Town Area
Wutai Area
Icicle Inn Area
Mideel Area

Now, some birds are better than others. You can tell by the way you check them after sending them over to the Ranch. Billy will tell you as well. These are the phrases Billy will say.

"I really can't recommend this one." -- Weak

"This one doesn't seem to be very good." -- Poor

"This Chocobo's so-so." -- Mediocre

"This is a pretty average Chocobo." -- Average

"Mmm, this one's not bad." -- Fair

"Mmm, this seems like a good Chocobo." -- Good

"This is a great Chocobo." -- Great

" a wonderful chocobo!" -- Wonderful

That last line reminds me of Professor Oak in Pokémon Snap... oh well. Anyway, instead of just going from place to place looking for the right Chocobo, why don't I just tell you? Would you like that? If not, hurry up and skip over it.

Chocobo Ranch: Poor, Weak
Junon: Fair, Poor
Gold Saucer: Good, Average
Rocket Town: Mediocre
Wutai: Average, Fair
Icicle Inn: Wonderful, Weak
Mideel: Great, Fair

Icicle Inn is practically a double-edged sword.

Now, onward!

The Chocobo Sage. That old purple dude who lives in the mountains near Bone Village, the Crater, and Forgotten city, with the green Chocobo. Want it? Can't have that one. This guy'll tell you about 4 said-to-be-exstinct Chocobo. The only reason they aren't around anymore is because the Chocobo needed to breed them are strewn around nowhere near each other.

He'll tell you about the Mountain Chocobo (green), and the River Chocobo (blue). Eventually, information will spill about the Black Chocobo with Mountain-River abilities, and the Gold Chocobo with Mountain-River-Ocean abilities.

But why ask him? He'll take forever! "Can't remember for the life of me..."

So, this is what you do:

Get a Good Chocobo and a Great Chocobo. It doesn't matter which is male or female.--- I did tell you they had genders.. didn't I? O.o Guess not. Anyway, race those Chocobo to about A class... Yes, it's possible! ^_^ My Good Chocobo made it there!

Now, mate them.

....Go ahead. Mate them.


Oh. You need a Carob nut! ^_^

What's that? o.O If you don't know what it is, look in the dictionary. It's in mine.

...OH! I get it now! You can't buy them. Nuh uh. Billy don't sell them. Go back to Bone Village.

No! You don't dig for them. You steal them.

The miners don't have them, silly. Go out into the open area, green stuff only. There's this monster called the Vlakorados--- the red biped lizard.

Don't look at me like that! I know they're hard to beat (on the other hand, they have weak attacks)! Trust me. I know. You steal the Carob Nut from them.

Yay! You got one!... Stop cheering. You'll need to do it two more times.

.... *puts the smelling salts under your nose* You okay?

Now! Mate the Good and Great Chocobos. Save before you do though, just in case you don't get a green or blue.

And here's something I figured out: when mating, if you want a male, talk to Billy and when you go to pick your choice of parents, talk to the female first and the male last. For a female, pick the male and then the female.

If you do get either, you have a choice now. You can release your two yellow Chocobos and get two new ones or you can mate those two again and see what you get. Hey, I kept mine and got a male blue and a female green respectively. Though, it's your choice. Trying to get some variety in there isn't a bad idea..

You should be down to one Carob Nut if you followed my directions. After a few good races with your Mountain and River Chocobos and they're ready to mate again! Get them to about A class again, or maybe to S class. Save first, then give them the last Carob Nut.

You have a Black Chocobo! S/he's so cute!!

Now, race this baby to S class. Take no chances here, fellas. You want only the best for the best.

Find a Wonderful Chocobo, opposite gender of the Black Chocobo, race it to S class, and mate the two with a Zeio Nut.

Don't have a Zeio Nut?! *scream!!!!*

^_^ No problem! Hit whatever button that brings up the world map. See those islands northeast of the Midgar continent? Go there and search the forest on one of the islands. You should find short guys in bright impish-elfy clothes. These are Goblins. Steal from them.

And while you're there, equip your Enemyskill materia and get the Goblin Punch enemy skill.

You have a Zeio Nut!... If you have more than one, it doesn't sell for much. 1 gil.

Save the game.

Did you get a Gold Chocobo?! Hooray!! ^_^

Now... there are four caves you can't get to normally. A Gold chocobo will reach will reach all four, but if you don't have one... Listen up.

Cave 1 -- Knights of the Round.
This one is the only one that needs a Gold Chocobo indefinitely. It's on this tiny island that's not on the map, but it's near the northeast corner of the map. You might want to look for it with the air ship before using the Gold Chocobo.

Cave 2 -- Quadra Magic.
This piece of materia is located near Mideel, in the east. Take time to look over the waters and then use a Black Chocobo or a River Chocobo.

Cave 3 -- HP~MP.
HP~MP switches your HP and MP numbers. Effective, buuut.. only for big spells. The cave is in that desert-looking rocky area near Rocket Town. I suggest a Black Chocobo, but, it's possible to get there with a River Chocobo or Mountain Chocobo.. Though I haven't found a way yet. ^^;;;

Cave 4 -- Mime.
A Black or a Mountain Chocobo will do. Fly to Wutai and look for a narrow peninsula sticking out of the east side of the island. Land close and voila!

Oh yeah. Racing. The unbeatable Teioh. He's the Black Chocobo with the rider (Joe?) wearing the cool hat and Native American wardrode. He's always higher than you when it comes to Stamina and Speed, but not necessarily higher than the other riders. But you have something over him. A brain. You /can/ beat him! ^v^ It's possible! I have the pleasure of saying, "I BEAT TEIOH!!!" ^_~;;;; Of course, he was immediately behind me and the other riders were miles behind us. ^_^ "Never give up and never surrender!" Because once you find the trick, he's simple to beat.

Nifty facts:

Teioh means 'emperor' in Japanese. Well. ...That makes sense.

The dinging sound on the spiral in the Short course is caused by the crystals above your head.

If you have the distance, slow down to a crawl on the Short course near the log bridge. Look to the right at the top of the screen. If you go slow enough, you'll see a man boating in a canoe. Watch him and have a giggle on me.

If Cid or Tifa are in your party, they may volunteer to ride on your bird. ..As dirty as that just sounded, 'tis the truth.

Nametype gendercurrent statusrank highparents
In the order received: Game One
KoarinWonderful Yfemale'stabled'S classN/A
ZackWonderful YmalereleasedS classN/A
AkiraGreat YfemalereleasedA classN/A
TaiGood YmalereleasedA classN/A
SaurenBluemalereleasedS classAkira~Tai
SarikoGrnfemalereleasedS classTai~Akira
JaredBlkfemalereleasedS classSauren~Sariko
SirriBlkfemale'stabled'S classZack~Jared
ZenithGoldmale'stabled'S classSirri~Zack
SeibanYllwfemalereleasedS classZenith?~Koarin?
XandavYllwfemaleerasedS classZenith~Koarin
PerikYllwmale'stabled'S classSirri?~Zenith
SuikunGoldmale'stabled'S classSirri~Perik
HikageBlkfemale'stabled'S classPerik~Sirri

Their feats:

Tai made it to A rank with a top speed of less that 80km. I think it was 77km.

Sariko made it to S class with her top speed of 88km.

Jared proved to me that you can beat Teioh. Hey, one good Black deserves another right? He also helped with my curiosity about two of the same colored Chocobo in a race... so it came down to numbers instead. (No matter if Jared is actually a girl, I call him a guy. See further below.)

And Sirri beat Teioh too.

And almost every other chocobo since then has beaten Teioh's butt too. In fact, it was Zenith who won me the prize bag. I think you get that after beating Teioh 10 times in S class.

Zack has been my fastest of all Chocobo since the beginning and still is.. though I think Zenith might outrank him in that sooner or later.

Akira was pretty smart until Sariko took over in intellegence.

Koarin was my first Chocobo and that, in itself, makes me proud. He's also smarter than Zack, which makes him very happy. ^_~ He's also the smartest to date, but I'm sure Zenith will beat him in that soon too. Update: Nope, Koarin remains top chicken. Wonder why...

Suikun's top speed is 158 km, pushing him past Zenith (146 km) as fastest. But, Hikage's now on top (161km).


Koarin was named after an original character in an RPG. He's quiet innocent /and/ has been turned into a girl once (twice if you count a stupid thing we did) (which is why he got to be a female) (we like doing silly things; give us a break).

Zack was named after /the/ Zack in FF7, the one Cloud modeled himself after (eh heh... erm, spoiler, anyone?). Only because I think he would have been a sweetheart. ...Perverted, but a sweetheart.

Akira is the name of Koarin's little sister and since she's cute, I said, "What the hell."

Tai is not named after Taichi from Digimon, thankyou! He's another original character. Being Akira's husband, I paired him with 'Kira.

Sauren is the name of /another/ original character. He, in reality, is Jared's father, so I stuck him here.

Sariko's Tai and Akira's real daughter, who was... *cough* by Sauren. o_~ It's not a pretty picture. She's an obvious choice for a Chocobo.

Jared is the name of Sariko's son. 'Nuff said.

Sirri is the name of one of my recent DBZ characters and thought, "What the hell."

Zenith just sounded like a nice name to call a chocobo. Especially since it's your first Gold. :D

Seiban's the alias of a character in a GW crossover fic I tried to write.

Xandav should be, in full, Xandavern, who is a hybrid of Saiyajin and another species. *shrug* Eh, he's cute.

Perik was named after 'Peri', a character in a book I'm writing. I added the 'k' to make it masculine... and just now I realize that Peri's last name is 'Kite'. ... K, Kite? ..Haruu.

Suikun is the nickname of Suishou, which is the nickname of Crystal, whose full name is Crystalman, and he is a Robot Master from the fourth Megaman game. ...... I love him.

Hikage means 'shadow', which relates to Shadowman, from the third Megaman game. Second favorite Robot Master. :D