Am I lying? This place is doomed.

Midgar: City of Ruin

A world filled with mako energy, the Lifestream, and corrupted minds. This world is ruled by Shinra Inc., a company which drains the mako out of the Planet.

Now, a team named AVALANCHE, man called Sephiroth, and Shinra are connected by many ties, but have different motives. However, it all comes down to one thing: one wants to due away with the other two.

This story follows the adventures of Cloud Strife, a man with memory problems and a one larger-than-life broad sword. He, along with Aeris Gainsborough (the Cetra), Tifa Lockheart (the matial artist in a mini-skirt), Barret Wallace (the gun-arm man), RedXIII (or Nanaki, protector of Cosmo Canyon), Cait Sith (in reality, Reeve), Yuffie Kisaragi (the Materia 'Hunter'), Vincent Valentine (the ex-Turk), and Cid Highwind (pilot and foul mouth extraordinaire), are trying to save the Planet from Sephiroth's intentions and Shinra's actions.

Sephiroth, the evil man with gorgeous silver hair (up to you if you like him with blue, purple, or no hints in his hair), has seemingly risen from the grave after five years of passing. But if that's him, why does he have a '1' tattoo on him? Anyway, with the guidance of his 'mother' Jenova, he's after the Promised Land to become a god.

Shinra, run by my strawberry blonde (I still think it's orangish) haired Rufus Shinra *squeal!!!!*, is after the Promised land as well for its abundance in mako, but needs to get rid of Sephiroth and AVALANCHE in order to put more research into it.

This game you really need to pay attention to. Every little thing said counts, even when Aeris goes off talking about her boyfriend. Two hints right here.

When you're out of Gold Saucer with the buggy, and heading for the next town in the ring of trees, put Aeris in your party after you fight the Turks there.

After Cloud's all better from mako poisioning, go back to Nibelheim and go into the basement where Sephiroth likes to hang out...

This ranks #1 in my 'Very complicated game to understand and I love that stuff' catagory. Yes, it's a crime, but I love to think of theories. ^_x

Updated: 2/12/02 Revamped!

Welcome to the Planet. Enjoy your stay.

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