Voice: Haley Joel Osment
Age: 14
Name definition: 'sora' means 'sky' in Japanese
The hero of the story. Sora is a quirky islander who attracts all sorts of personalities.

Voice: David Gallagher
Age: 15
Name definition: 'riku' means 'land' or 'shore' in Japanese
Level-headed and logical, Riku is the oldest teen on the island. It seems everyone envies him and his abilities, especially Sora. Tragedy befalls him.

Voice: Hayden Panettiere
Age: 14
Name definition: 'kairi' means in Japanese
The hero of the story. Sora is a quirky islander who attracts all sorts of personalities.

Voice: Billy Zane
Age: n/a

Mickey Mouse~
Voice: Wayne Allwine
King of Disney World (like what else), Mickey seems to have a /lot/ of insight to the knowledge of Kingdom Hearts, the Keyblades, and their masters. He's a true enigma and darn-well married to Minnie Mouse.

Donald Duck~
Voice: Tony Anselmo
Royal magician with his ever famous attitude, Donald is as cranky as his Uncle Scrooge and even more stubborn. He's got a lot of power underneath all those feathers of his and is a valuable asset to your group.

Voice: Bill Farmer
The hound once known as Dippy Dog plays Captain of the Guard, an honest, if not bumbling person and well-hearted for the job.

Voice: none
Just as mysterious as his master, Pluto has a high nack of being the one that starts everything. Whether on purpose or accident, we may never know.

Voice: Dee Bradley Baker
Age: 15
The /other/ oldest on the island, Wakka is Teedus' best friend and compatriot, and like his older version, he still carries around a ball for a weapon. (His and his accent hail from Final Fantasy 10.)

Voice: Molly Keck
Age: 13
She's sweet, she's whistful, she'll knock you down with her jumprope! Selphie is the island romantic, full of dreams and desires... and panties if you look close enough. o_O (She hails from Final Fantasy 8 and lost nothing from the transition.)

Voice: Shaun Flenning
Age: 13
The youngest of the island boys, Tidus wields his polestick like nobody's business and knows how to use it. And if you watch carfully when fighting him, you'll catch him perform 'Swordplay', his initial limit break. (He hails as the hero from Final Fantasy 10.)

Voice: David Boreanaz
Age: 25
The gunblader formally known as Squall Leonhart, Leon is a tough cookie and talks just as much as he did in '98. (He's the stoic protagonist from Final Fantasy 8.)

Voice: Christy Carlson Romano
Age: 16
The Great Ninja Yuffie, still strong and kicking, not to mention pesterish and egotistical. Consider yourself lucky that she doesn't swipe things from you while you aren't looking. (She stole our hearts and their materia in Final Fantasy 7.)

Voice: Mandy Moore
Age: n/a (guessed to be 22 or 23)
While the romalization of her name change in this game, she's no less the gentle spirit she was before. (She made a great sacrifice so you could finish Final Fantasy 7.)

Voice: none
Age: 42
While his boisterous and vulgar voice was quelled for the part, Cid's still the stingy old man you loved to hate. (His single PC role came from Final Fantasy 7.)

Voice: Steve Burton
Age: 22
Lost for nine years finds Cloud not the same as you knew. He's still carries his Buster Sword into battle, as well as a fifth, coriaceous apendage stapled to the left side of his back. Not to mention shoved into a similar outfit as Vincent Valentine. (He played the spikey ball of confused hero in Final Fantasy 7.)

Voice: Lance Bass
Age: n/a
He's back and badder than ever. And more delicious. And more awesome. And more powerful. But do /not/ let the 'Lance Bass/N*sync boy' thing fool you. Seph doesn't speak clearly enough in battle to understand him too well and speaks not a sound outside of it. (He tried to become a God and we made him one with our devotion in Final Fantasy 7.)

It cannot be stressed enough. There is no connection between KH and the FF games (as the FF7/KH ages indicate). Cloud, Yuffie, Aerith, Cid, and Leon all come from a place called Hollow Bastion in KH and grew up together. So did Ansem and Kairi. Seph, no one's too sure about, but it's a more-than-likely chance he did as well.