Aeris Gainsborough
BirthplaceIcicle Inn
BirthdateFebuary 7
Blood typeO
Eyes--emerald green
Hair--long brunette with bunny bangs
Young, beautiful, and somewhat mysterious, Aeris met Cloud while selling flowers on the streets of Midgar. She decided to join him soon after. Her unusual abilities enable her to use magic, but she seems more interested in the deepening love triangle between herself, Cloud, and Tifa.

A beautiful 22-year-old, Aeris is a bright spot in the middle of a dark and dreary town. While selling flowers near AVALANCHE's first target, Aeris' life was forever altered after a chance meeting with Cloud. Because of her mysterious background, Shinra has pursued her for most of her life. Now she must fight against those who would enslave her and destroy what she holds most dear.

Aeris is the closest character Final Fantasy VII has to a dedicated magic user. Her physical attacks are fairly weak, but she possesses great skill with materia and its various forms. Due to this odd balance, you should put her in your back line and load her down with materia. Let Aeris devote her energies to spell casting while her teammates concentrate on inflicting physical damage. This also takes advantage of her defensive-based Limit Breaks.

Okay, Aeris is a good girl. She's the last Cetra alive on the Planet and takes it fairly well. And she knows how to make people happy, like the incident at the Honey Bee Inn... No, you pervert! She gave the guys flowers and made them blush... . Not that flower! The plant-kind of flower! T.T Sheesh!

Her adoptive mother is named Elmyra, but her reall parents are the Cetra Ifalna and Professor Gast of Shinra Inc. Surprised? You should be.

Around the age of six is when she and Ifalna escaped from the company and when she was taken into Elmyra's care. The turks were assigned to recapture her, only succeeding when the sector seven pillar came crashing down.

Aeris is kind hearted.. and doesn't admit being attracted to Cloud, even if she does want a date from him in payment. Cait Sith even said they were perfect for each other (Tifa probably wasn't happy with that tidbit of information).

But all in all, she must be the bravest person in the whole game. She knows she may not survive the trip to the Forgotten Capital, but goes anyway to summon Holy to save the Planet...

And ends up being the biggest tragedy in the history of video games.

In honor of thy love to Aeris, we give thee prayer to live forever.