Ash -- Master in the Making

Japanese name: Satoshi
Family: Hanako/Deliah (mother)

He's the epitome to the dream of every beginning trainer. With his Pikachu by his side -- rather, on his shoulder, and his friends behind him, the boy doesn't lose to the likes of masquerading villains. When will he face true evil and not its front men?
Misty -- Tempered Water

Japanese name: Kasumi
Family: /Lily, /Violet, /Daisy (older sisters)

Brock -- Tried and True Breeder
oh the implications

Japanese name: Takeshi
Family: ?/Flint (father), Mizuno/-- (step?-mother), Jirou/-- (younger brother), 9 younger brothers and sisters

Gym Leader, mother, father, big brother, his roles led to many desired skills; knowledge, answers, and an onigiri ready to be put to use, he will never abandon his path down the lost roads beside the crew. Until the next pretty face comes along.
Gary -- Master Foregone

Japanese name: Shigeru
Family: Professor Yukinari Ookido/Samuel Oak (grandfather), Nanako/May/Daisy (older sister)

His background is formidable, his pedigree irreplacable and unchallenged. Descendent of fame earned around the world, he will make his place or break it trying. Did he ever dislike Ash as he let on? Or did he mature where Ash is just beginning, as his once-friend picks up from him everything he gives and dishes out.
Ritchie --

Japanese name: Hiroshi
Family: n/a

Tracey --

Japanese name: Kenji
Family: n/a

May --

Japanese name: Haruka
Family: Senri/Norman (father), Mitsuko/Caroline (mother), Masato/Max (younger brother)

Max --

Japanese name: Masato
Family: Senri/Norman (father), Mitsuko/Caroline (mother), Haruka/May (older sister)

Jesse --

Japanese name: Musashi
Family: Miyamoto (mother; deceased)

The half of Team Rocket with the pants in the relationship. Jesse is nothing less than head-strong, arrogant, and sometimes in denial. But she's never been wrong when she praises her beauty.
James --

Japanese name: Kojirou
Family: father, mother