NameSpeciesDigimonColor of Digivice/CrestCrest
Ryoushi KitajimaHumanHeliomonsky blueFaith
Jasir ZolAlienOxinimondark red / snow whiteSovereignty / Harmony
Hayato TatsunosukeHumanPengiunmongloom purpleSorrow
Yohji ObinataHumanFennemon n/a
Yoshikazu AiyoteHumanTsukaimon??Pride
Asano KatsunoriHumanTapirmon??Wisdom
Jun'ichi TakahitoHumanLabramon??Amenity
Naoyuki AdachiHumanSalamon??Compassion
Tarou KonakaHumanHagurumon??Determination

Ryoushi Kitajima

Age: 17
Crest: Faith
Resembles: Eriol (Card Captor Sakura), Jyou (Digimon 02)

Name: GunamonType: Micro Data
Level: FreshAttacks: Bubble Blow
Koromon shaped, yet Punimon size, Gunamon has blue eyes and a pelt made of light orange and light green scales. He also has tiny holes in the side of his head for ears, a stubby tail, and cute, small snout.
Name: AkanaramonType: Micro Data
Level: In-trainingAttacks: Bubble Blow
With the same kind of pelt as Gunaman, Akanaramon slightly resembles DemiVeemon. He stands as a foot tall, with a skinny body, a thin tail three inches long, and the same small snout. Still has blue eyes.
Name: HeliomonType: Animal Virus
Level: RookieAttacks: Sun Ray, Slashing Attack
Pretty much the same as Akanaramon, except Gabumon's height. Heliomon also has two 4-inch horns on his head, V-ed apart and swept back (horns are no included in height). He also gains claws and his eyes turn violet.
Name: RaichiromonType: Electric Virus
Level: ChampionAttacks: Quadro Onyx, Jagged Harpoon
Think Heliomon, only larger, butched up, and hunched over. When he runs, he runs on all fours, like a gorilla. He has a thick bone/horn protruding from his shoulderblades, for a passanger to hold on to if taxying. He has three horns on his forehead; the two outer ones sweep over his head and arch down, curling like a montain rams on the sides of his head, the third is smaller and only sticks upwards. His eyes are red.
Name: CrystimonType: Lizard Data
Level: Armored
"Ancient Faith"
Attacks: Tetra Refraction, Tetra Reflection
He still resembles his predecessors in way of coloring, but now is primarily an iguana, with an extended body, those long toes and claws, and his tail is much longer than his past evolutions. He has crystal armor on him, on the cuffs of his forelegs, his breast, and his back that reaches to his back leg haunches and to just the base of his tail. The armor is used to absorb sunlight to power his attacks. Eyes are violet.
Name: SonaphimonType: Warrior Data
Level: UltimateAttacks: Dream Catcher, Solstice Feathers
Back on two feet, he's a humanoid covered in scales (on his gargoyle-esque legs and feet, waist, arms, and flanks and back). Spikes run down his spine, swept down in a curve, and has two pairs of feathery wings.

The wings have scales on the backs, fastening the feathers in front into place. He has orange-blonde hair and a metal band somewhat similar to Silphymon's around his eyes. He also still has his tail.

Name: LunarSonaphimonType: Abominable Vaccine
Level: MegaAttacks: Catalysium, Hesper's Apples
He is a fusion between Sonaphimon and Ryoushi, with Sonaphi's wings and scaled limbs on Ryou's body.

Jasir Zol

Age: unknown
Crest: Sovereignty (forged) / Harmony (real)
Resembles: That evil, blue-rose, dark lord guy from Flint: Time Detective

Name: ViBotamonType: Micro Data
Level: FreshAttacks: Acid Bubble
Name: AskabimonType: Micro Data
Level: In-trainingAttacks: Bubble Blow
Name: OxinimonType: Whelp Virus
Level: RookieAttacks: Black Whisps, Stardust Spike
Name: RyuumemonType: Dragon Virus
Level: ChampionAttacks: Darkmist Shackle
Name: MechaRyuumemonType: Android Virus
Level: UltimateAttacks: Dystopia Ruin, Darkmist Shackle
Name: ViriiRyuumemonType: Dragon Beast Virus
Level: MegaAttacks: Ethereal Doom, Darkmist Shackle
Name: ShogunDragomonType: Warrior Data
Level: UltimateAttacks: Wing Sword, Knight's Honor
Name: WarAngemonType: Unholy Angel Virus
Level: MegaAttacks: Nine Hells

Hayato Tatsunosuke

Age: 16
Crest: Sorrow
Resembles: Izzy (01), Teppei (Frontier)
Name: PunimonType: Micro Data
Level: FreshAttacks:
The red one with the three blubber horns on top.
Name: TsunomonType: Micro Data
Level: In-trainingAttacks:
Uhhh... you should know. Gabumon's de-digivolution form?
Name: PenguinmonType:
Level: RookieAttacks:
A blue and white, tiger-striped penguin.
Name: SaberdramonType: Vaccine
Level: ChampionAttacks:
A black version of Birdramon.
Name: ParrotmonType:
Level: UltimateAttacks:
A giant green parrot with a metal cap in its head (seen in 01 and the movie).
Name: EaglemonType:
Level: MegaAttacks: Phoenix Claw
Picture: *click*

Aiyote Yoshikazu

Age: 48 / 13
Crest: Pride
Resembles: [young] Schuldich (Weiss Kreuz)
[older] Rufus Shinra (Final Fantasy 7),

Name: PoyomonType: Micro Data
Level: FreshAttacks: Bubble Blow
Name: TokomonType: Micro Data
Level: In-trainingAttacks: Bubble Blow
Name: TsukaimonType: Mammal Virus
Level: RookieAttacks: Sonic Jab, Fluffy Attack, Evil Whisper
A blue and white Patamon.
Name: SoulmonType: Ghost Virus
Level: ChampionAttacks: Necro Magic, Soul Cry, Finishing Trance, Energy Drain
A Bakemon with a wizarding hat on.
Name: PhantomonType: Virus
Level: UltimateAttacks: Father Time, Shadow Scythe
Name: PiedmonType: Evil Wizard Virus
Level: MegaAttacks: Clown Trick, Trump Sword

Katsunori Asano

Age: unknown / 6
Crest: Wisdom

Name: ??Type: Micro Data
Level: FreshAttacks: ??
Name: ??Type: Micro Data
Level: In-trainingAttacks: ??
Name: TapirmonType: Animal Vaccine
Level: RookieAttacks: Deleting Virus, Waking Dream
Name: ApemonType: Animal Vaccine
Level: ChampionAttacks: Metallic Fur, Mega Bone Stick
Name: MammothmonType: Ancient Animal Vaccine
Level: UltimateAttacks: Freezing Breath, Tusk Crusher
Name: SkullMammothmonType: Ghost Vaccine
Level: MegaAttacks: Dash, Spiral Bone Crusher

Jun'ichi Takahito

Age: 47 / 12
Crest: Amenity
Resembles: Teepo (BoF3)

Name: PaomonType: Micro Data
Level: FreshAttacks: Bubble Blow
Name: ShaomonType: Micro Data
Level: In-trainingAttacks: ??
Name: LabramonType:
Level: RookieAttacks: Deleting Virus, Waking Dream
Name: ShiisamonType:
Level: ChampionAttacks:
Name: CatsuramonType: Holy Animal Data
Level: UltimateAttacks: Treasure Spear, Howl of the Heaven
Name: AnubismonType: Holy Wizard Vaccine
Level: MegaAttacks: Pyramid Power, Amemit

Naoyuki Adachi

Age: 47 / 12
Crest: Compassion
Resembles: none

Name: YukimiBotamonType: Micro Data
Level: FreshAttacks: Bubble Blow
Name: NyaromonType: Micro Data
Level: In-trainingAttacks: Tail Whip
Name: SalamonType: Animal Vaccine
Level: RookieAttacks: Puppy Howling, Petty Punch, Sledge Crash
Name: MikemonType: Animal Data
Level: ChampionAttacks: Meatball Punch, Cat Claw
Name: BastemonType: Animal Virus
Level: UltimateAttacks: Vampire Dance, Helter Skelter

Tarou Hyoku

Age: 46 / 11
Crest: Determination
Resembles: SSJ M.Trunks, Enzan (RM.EXE), Hatsuharu (Fruit Basket)

Name: MetalKoromonType: Micro Data
Level: FreshAttacks: Powder Blow
Name: KapurimonType: Micro Data
Level: In-trainingAttacks: Howling Blow
Name: HagurumonType: Machine Virus
Level: RookieAttacks: Gear Rollers, Darkness Gears, Drag, Crash Device, Speed Up
Name: GuardromonType: Machine Virus
Level: ChampionAttacks: Protect Grenade, Warning Laser, Red Alert
Name: AndromonType: Android Vaccine
Level: UltimateAttacks: Spiral Sword, Lightning Blade, Gatling Attack
Name: HiAndromonType: Android Vaccine
Level: MegaAttacks: Atomic Ray, Pasting Copy

Aiyote - 13 - m - short, wild, lime green - hazel - government official

Katsunori - 6 - m - short, bangs that flopped/curled over his eyes, black - light pink - missing

Jun'ichi - 12 - m - waist length, shimmery, lavender-violet - gold - went insane

Naoyuki - 12 - f - left side shaven, right side hangs down to her neck, blonde (right side dyed blue and black) - ice blue - professional decorator

Tarou - 11 - m - short, M.Trunks style (bowl cut, shaven lower half), top half spiked up and out, white on top, black on bottom - dark green -


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