JP NameUS NameSpiritDigivice
Kanbara TakuyaTakuya KanbaraFireBlack
Minamoto KoujiKoji MinamotoLightWhite
Himi TomokiTommy HimiIceIce Blue
Orimoto IzumiZoey OrimotoWindLavender
Shibayama JunpeiJP ShibayamaThunderBlue
Kimura KouichiKouichi KimuraDarknessBlack
JP NameSpirit

Kanbara Takuya - Legendary Warrior of Fire

Parents: Hiroaki (father), Yuriko (mother)
Siblings: Shinya (younger brother)

The seasonal gogglehead, Takuya follows many of the steps his predecessors have, but also makes it his own game at the same time. He's put through more trials than either Daisuke, Taichi, or Takato ever needed in the long run, and in the end triumphs over evil after numerous Z-hybrid loses alongside Kouji.
FlamonP-HybridAttack: Baby Salamader, Flame Tail
AguimonH-SpiritAttack: Pyro Darts, Pyro Tornado, Pyro Punch
BurningGreymonB-SpiritAttack: Pyro Barrage, Wildfire Tsunami
AldamonA-HybridAttack: Solarwind Destroyer, Atomic Inferno
EmperorGreymonA-HybridAttack: Dragonfire Crossbow, Pyro Dragons, Feral Fire
SusanoomonE-HybridAttack: Celestial Blade, Heaven's Thunder

Minamoto Kouji - Legendary Warrior of Light

Parents: Kousei (father), Satomi (step-mother), Kimura Tomoko (mother)
Siblings: Kimura Kouichi (twin brother)

The lone wolf with home troubles, Kouji picks up the slack Yamato left behind. The 'lone wolf' aspect soon turns from figurative to literal once he acquires the H-Spirit of Light, and it takes some time before the others can convince him to stick around. But while he keeps to himself, he's more often then not thinking of someone other than himself, whether offering Izumi his jacket in the cold, to taking a few hits meant for Takuya. But when it comes to brotherhood, it's merely one step at a time, even when the steps come at dashing runs to make sure Kouichi remains unharmed at all times.
StrabimonP-HybridAttack: Licht Nagel (ger. Light Nail), Licht Bein (ger. Light Leg)
LobomonH-SpiritAttack: Lobo Kendo, Howling Laser
KendoGarurumonB-SpiritAttack: Howling Star, Lupine Laser
BeowulfmonA-HybridAttack: Frozen Hunter, Cleansing Light
MagnaGarurumonZ-HybridAttack: Magna Missiles, Magna Rockets, Starburst Hunter

Orimoto Izumi - Legenary Warrior of Wind

Parents: father, mother
Siblings: none

The refined girl who never shamed us with her mood swings. Italy had been her home for the last couple of years, and was never really well received by the other girls of her class. She has no solid personality, but it's a given she's truly kind and never purposefully cruel, but she has been known to accuse the boys of being perverts on many occasion...even despite their innocent intentions.
KazemonH-SpiritAttack: Hurricane Wave, Tempest Twist
ZephyrmonB-SpiritAttack: Hurricane Gale, Plasma Pods
JetSilphymonA-HybridAttack: Ultra Turbulence, Jet Winter

Himi Tomoki - Legendary Warrior of Ice

Parents: father, mother
Siblings: Yutaka (older brother)

A child in a world where the weak are preyed upon, Tomoki was surely out of his league. But the examples set by his friends always gave him the strength to stop his crying and move on, teaching him about independency and courage and that crying is alright, but meant for sadness, not fear. Fear is to be faced and conquered, and he'll now tell you so.
KumamonH-SpiritAttack: Blizzard Blaster, Crystal Freeze, Frozen Tundra
KoorikkakumonB-SpiritAttack: Avalanche Axes, Frozen Arrowheads
DaipenmonA-HybridAttack: Ichigo Death, Blue Hawaii Death

Shibayama Junpei - Legendary Warrior of Thunder

Parents: father, mother
Siblings: none

The oldest, and as lonely as each of his comrads. The heavy kid who tries to hard to impress his classmates with chocolate bars and magic tricks. He has a crush on Izumi, to the point where even she knows it. Maybe he's a coward, or maybe just a little afraid, but he has his strong points and a few tricks up his sleeve when no one's happy. He's also a bit intelletual, if you give him a chance to show it.
BeetlemonH-SpiritAttack: Lightning Blitz, Thunder Fist, Flaming Bullets
MetalKabuterimonB-SpiritAttack: Bolo Thunder, Electron Cannon, Proton Slash
RhinoKabuterimonA-HybridAttack: Thunder Laser, Condenser Storm

Kimura Kouichi - Legendary Warrior of Darkness

Parents: Tomoko (mother), Minamoto Kousei (father), grandmother
Siblings: Minamoto Kouji (twin brother)

The yin to Kouji's yang, his twin, his polar opposite, his mirror image, his Gemini. Separated at birth, alone with only his mother and grandmother, Kouichi was not under the impression his father was dead, like Kouji believed his real mother to be. He secretly grew bitter towards his father, even if a part of him may still have ached for him. Shortly before his grandmother's death, he learned of Kouji. Desperate, he shadowed Kouji that one day, the day he fell down the stairs, and the day Cherubimon unlocked him with all the powers of his darkened heart.

The dark eye of the lion preyed onto the wolf.

ShadmonP-HybridAttack: n/a
DuskmonH-SpiritAttack: Deadly Gaze, Lunar Plasma
VelgmonB-SpiritAttack: Dark Vortex, Dark Obliteration
LowemonL-SpiritAttack: Shadow Meteor, Shadow Lance, Lighting Sphere
JagerLowemonK-SpiritAttack: Ebony Blaster, Dark Master
ReichmonA-HybridAttack: Rot Kreuz (ger. Red Cross), Schwarz Lehrsatz (ger. Black Theorum)

The four children who stayed behind when all the other children left to go home. Nothing much is known about them, except that Teppei and Katsuharu had briefly met Tommy previous to the Trailmon setting off; you can catch them shoving him into the train in episode one. When it became clear no persuassion would send them back home, Ophanimon advised Angemon to watch over them while Takuya and the gang made their way through the bowles of the Digiworld. They do not stick around long, nor do they use the remaining spirits in Kouji and Takuya's D-tectors, and below is th supposed chart of who they /would/ be had they gone in that direction. ....Meh, I say Katsuharu would've been a better Mercurymon than Grumblemon.
GrumblemonH-SpiritAttack: Seismic Sledge
GigasmonB-SpiritAttack: Quagmire Twister, Tectonic Slam
ArbormonH-SpiritAttack: Roundhouse Punt, Power Pummel
PetaldramonB-SpiritAttack: Leaf Cyclone, Horn Jab
RanamonH-SpiritAttack: Draining Rain, Dark Vapor, Making Waves
CalmaramonB-SpiritAttack: Titanic Tempest, Acid Ink
MercurymonH-SpiritAttack: Dark Reflection
SakkakumonB-SpiritAttack: ??