JP NameUS NameCrest Digimon
Yagami TaichiTai KamiyaCourageAgumon
Ishida YamatoMatt IshidaFriendshipGabumon
Takenouchi SoraSora TakenouchiLove Biyomon
Izumi KoushirouIzzy IzumiKnowledgeTentomon
Tachikawa MimiMimi TachikawaSincerityPalmon
Kido JyouJoe KidoReliabilityGomamon

JP NameUS NameVirtues / Crest(s) Digimon'position' D3
Motomiya DaisukeDavis MotomiyaCourage
Veemonleader blue
Inoue MiyakoYolei InoueLove
Hawkmon... computer literatered
Hida IoriCody HidaKnowledge
Armadillomon'words of wisdom'yellow
Takaishi TakeruTK TakaishiHope Patamonsenior teammategreen
Yagami HikariKari KamiyaLight Gatomonsenior teammate/savior pink
Ichijouji KenKen Ichijouji KindnessWormmon(ex) adversaryblack
angsty Americanunknown


"Would you save me if I was was in trouble?"
"Uh, I dunno. Maybe?"
"Maybe? Maybe?! How 'bout indefinitely?!"
   -- Flamedramon and Davis

ChibomonBaby:Attack: Bubble Blow
DemiVeemonIn training: He's the only second-stage digimon I've seen that stand on two feet and have hands. ^-^ And he's so adorable! Lil Demiveemon is blue with a white torso leading up to his lower jaw and flappy rabbit ear things. He's the *cutest* In training spud there is!!Attack: Bubble Blow
VeemonRookie: Attack: Vee Headbutt
the Fire of Courage
Armor: Digimental of CourageAttack: Fire Rocket,
the Storm of Friendship
Armor: Digimental of FriendshipAttack: Blue Thunder, Lightning Blast
Magnamon Armor: Golden Digimental of MiraclesAttack: Magna Punch/Kick, Magna Blaster, Magna Explosion
ExVeemonChampion: Attack: ExVee Punch/Kick, V-Lazer

two sisters (Mimoe)
one brother

PururumonBaby: Attack: Bubble Blow
PoramonIn training: Attack: Bubble Blow
HawkmonRookie: Attack: Hawk Beam
the Wings of Love
Armor: Digimental of LoveAttack: Tempest Wing, Eagle's Eye
the Samurai of Sincerity
Armor: Digimental of SincerityAttack: Double Star, Ninja Wind
AquilamonChampion: Attack: Blast Rings, Grand Horn Attack


dad ()

TsubomonBaby: Attack: Bubble Blow
UpamonIn training: Attack: Bubble Blow
ArmadillomonRookie: Attack: Diamond Shell
the Drill of Power/Knowledge
Armor: Digimental of KnowledgeAttack: Gold Rush, Rock Cracking
Guardian of the Seas
Armor: Digimental of ReliabilityAttack: Oxygen Torpedo, Submarine Attack
AnkylomonChampion: Attack:


PoyomonBaby: He's no more than a small, white-ish grey, yet still adorable looking blob.Attack: Bubble Blow
TokomonIn training: A small white pig looking digimon with beady black eyes, two rabit like ears, and one heck of an overbite. X_o You *really* need to see his teeth.Attack: Bubble Blow
PatamonRookie: A little brownish bundle of cutie-ness like his 'owner,' he's got a light yellow belly and his bat wings are on his head, looking like ears.Attack: Boom Bubbles
Flying Hope
Armor: Digimental of HopeAttack: Equis Beam, Star Shower, Mane Wind, Golden Noose (w/ Nefertimon)


YukimiBotamonBaby: A white Botamon.Attack: Bubble Blow
NyaromonIn training: A yellow ball digimon with the same shape as Koromon, except she has a tail with several purple rings on it and I believe kitty ears.Attack: Bubble Blow
SalamonRookie: A small dogish like digimon with peach colored skin and a gold collar around her neck. Attack: We'll wait and see.. ^^;;;
GatomonChampion: A small cat digimon who's about two feet tall. She has white fur with purple striped markings. On her tail is a small tuff of purple fur on the tip and a gold tail ring right before it. She wears yellow and orange striped gloves with three claws on each.Attack: Lightning Paw, Cat's Eye Hypnotism
the Angel of Light
Armor: Digimental of LightAttack: Rosetta Stone, Cat's Eye Beam, Queen's Paw, Golden Noose (w/ Pegasusmon)


LeafmonBaby: Attack: Bubble Blow
MinomonIn training: Attack: Bubble Blow
WormmonRookie: Attack: Silk Thread, Sticky Net
StingmonChampion: Attack: Spiking Strike

Jogress Shinka / DNA digi-volving
PaildramonUltimate: (ExVeemon + Stingmon) Attack: Desperado Blaster
ImperialdramonMega: (Paildramon)Attack: Positron Laser, Giga Claw
SilphymonUltimate: (Aquilamon + Gatomon) Attack: Static Force, Astral Laser
ShakkoumonUltimate: (Ankylomon + Angemon) Attack: Hajita bombs, Harmonious Spirit, Justice Beam

JewelBeemonUltimate: StingmonAttack: ??
ValkyrimonMega: HawkmonAttack: ??
VikemonMega: AnkylomonAttack: ??
Imperialdramon "Paladin Mode"??: Omnimon + Imperialdramon "Fighter Mode"Attack: ??

Wallace (or Willis) is also not one to have just one digimon. In fact, his digimon are the twins, Terriermon and Lopmon (except that this Lopmon is male, unlike the one in 03). He's an American from Colorado, visiting NYC when he runs into TK and Kari.

Not much is known about him, except that he supposedly created Diablomon (or Diaboromon) by mistake (according to the American movie, anyway).

And if that's not enough, he's a woman smoocher. He can take Yolei for all I care, though. ^_^;

ZerimonBaby: Attack: Bubble Blow
GumimonIn training: Attack: Bubble Blow
TerriermonRookie: Attack: Bunny Blast
GargomonChampion: Attack: Bunny Pummel, Gargo Pellets
RapidmonArmor: Golden Digimental of DestinyAttack: Rapid Fire

KonomonBaby: Attack: Bubble Blow
ChocomonIn training: Attack: Bubble Blow
LopmonRookie: Attack:
WendigomonChampion: Attack:
AntylamonUltimate: Attack:
CherubimonMega: Attack: