Docks Project

Subject: 56K bit monsters and their partners
Type: shake'n'baked
Status: complete

Finalizing passage:

**=terms coined by myself. So you can tell which are real and which are merely whimsical fancies. And they won't go away unless someone -actually uses them-. Then, I'll stare in shock and wonder 'wtf?'.

Open to explore
Suggested or hinted
One-sided, at least
Canon couple, but who cares?
Evil and shamed

Because the Pokémon world has killed us with calling Haruka 'May' (Kimi so would've worked) because Gary's sister is also called May (and Daisy), and Daisy's (the Sensational sister) Japanese name is Sakura....ah, just check here for listed names.

[I pulled these names from everywhere I could find them, mostly from the Anyshippers ML, Bulbagarden Forums, and SPP forums, as well as my imagination and every nook and cranny on the internet; I have the notes and burst blood vessels to prove it.]

Adventure / 01
Tai x Matt Taito/Yamachi:
Always fighting, always making up. Did the Frigimon episode teach you -nothing-?

Tai x Sora Taiora:
I was so sure it would've ended up being this as canon. I mean, it's not like they didn't hint and hint.

Matt x Sora Yamora/Sorato:
Instead, it's this, though only god knows if they're still together in episode 50. T_T The bane of all Digimon eps.

Matt x Mimi Yami/Mimato:
This is, like, what? A popular pairing with no basis except 'if Sora's with Tai, Yama needs the only other girl!', but oh well. Knock yourself out.

Tai x Mimi Taimi/Michi:

Tai x Izzy Taishiro:

Sora x Mimi Somi/Mira:

Joe x Izzy Jyoushiro:

Joe x Mimi Jyoumi:

Izzy x Mimi Mishiro/Koumi:

Adventure / 02

TK x Kari Takari/Hikeru:

Yolei x Cody Miori/Yody:
... Where's the attraction? ^^; Uh, figure it out yourself.

Davis x Kari Daikari:
o_o Yeah sure. Dai has crush, Dai get's crushed. Hikari's probably flattered, but she doesn't like him like /that/. ¬_¬ Wish she'd just tell him that, though.

Kaiser/Ken x Davis Kensuke/Daiken/Kaisuke:
Let see. Ken has had his eye on Davis ever since the second episode. And what happens? They're Jogress partners, Ken calls out for him when he's kidnapped, and Davis is the only one who tried to make Ken's life worth living. T_T Miyako did jackshit except fawn over him. Daisuke did all the work, why should she reap the fruits of his labor?!

Kari x Yolei Mikari/Hiyako:

TK x Cody Takori/Ioru:
More Jogress!

Kaiser/Ken x TK Kenkeru/Taken:
Well, why not? Takeru /did/ authorize a challenge between them.

Davis x TK Daikeru/Takesuke:
Rivalry brings out the best in you. ^_^ Don't you think so?

Michael x Mimi Mimic:
^_^V I'm for it.

Yolei x Mimi Yomi:
You /did/ see Yolei's fawning, right?

Michael x Yolei Miyael:
But this proves that Yolei is the essense of pure evil: a fangirl of cute guys (like me and most of the American female population). Hell, she jumps from guy to guy like they were all-you-can-eat buffets.

Ken x Yolei Kenyako/Kenlei:
>.< It's wrong! She did nothing! Nothing for him!

Tai x Davis Taisuke:
From one goggle boy to the next. Why not? Davis adores and idols Tai. It's not wrong to fall for someone you look up to and make it your goal to strive for?

Matt x Ken Yamaken/Kenato:
I guess Mexico was less professional than we thought.
Izzy x Davis Kousuke/Daishiro:
^^; Red head thing, I guess. Davis isn't too smart, so why wouldn't he be attracted to someone with a bit of brains.

Tai x Jun Taijun/Junchi:
So Matt doesn't like her and he ends up with Sora. Tai obviously knows Jun, so why's the reason not to have them together? She's really not all that annoying, just.... Yama-sessed. ^_^; Who isn't?!

Jun x Mimoe Jumoe:
Mimoe is Yolei's sister and Jun's good friend... And I think it was Cynthia who first introduced me to this. ^_^ It's cute, like everything else.

Ken x Cody Kenori/Ioken:
*scratches her head* Understandable, but I can't place why into words. o.o Except that Iori hated Ken, but that's hypocritical.

Willis x Davis Wallsuke: Now, all the hints you need are shoved into a nice little package that is called Digimon: the Movie.

Takato x Henry Leekato/Jenato:

Takato x Rika Rukato/Taki:

Takato x Jeri Takeri/Jurato:

Rika x JeriRukeri/Juruki:

Ryou x Rika Ryuki:

Kazu x Takato Hirato/Takazu:

Kazu x Kenta Kenzu/Hirota:

Takuya x KoujiTakouji:

Kouji x ZoeKouzumi:
Takuya x ZoeTakuzumi:

JP x Zoe ?:

Kouichi x Zoe Kouizumi:

Takuya x Tommy?:

Kouji x Kouichi Koukou:

Kouji x Tommy ?:

Myotismon x Piedmon Piyotismon:
Hot vampire. Dominating clown. Sweet sex...if not kinked. o.O

Devimon x Angemon Angevimon:
It's all about the good and the bad, baby.

Gatomon x Wizardmon Awwww...

Sylphimon x Wizardmon XD Ahhhh! Yum. Can someone write/draw this for me? Pul~lease???

Angemon x TK ^.@; I was once crazy and wanted to write this.

Angewomon x Kari Much cuteness.

LadyDevimon x Angewomon FemAngevimon:
XD Hey, of Angemon and Devimon could do it, so can the chicks.

Piedmon x LadyDevimon Classic. And probably canon.

WarGreymon x WereGarurumon Gijinka would be nice.

Flamedramon x Stingmon FlaStingmon:
Even nicer here.

Myotismon x (young) Gennai You must admit, Gennai had a very nice form. Very...Ewan-y.

WereGarurumon x Lillymon ... You do what you want.

Renamon+ x Rika ?: