"Master Freeza."

The black horned figure didn't turn to watch his subordinate, only continuing to stare out the star-filled window. The only recognition Zarbon recieved was a shifting of the pointed tail, and that was enough. "We found something of interest on Consuesta that might make this planet worth it as it is."

"Oh, really?" The lord of his own armies turned to face one of his most loyal of underlings. Black lips, pink skin, a natural armor under standard armor, red eyes.... A feared force in a package shorter than Zarbon. It was amazing. "What's down on that pitiful planet that's worth the effort to spare. And it have better be something that'll benefit me."

"Of course, my lord." The gold eyes of the yamorijin sparkled mischievously as he started on his report. "The matron of Consuesta has been receiving complainst of someone slaughtering their herds of dogongta, about two each night. It stayed in the same area for a while, then moved on to another farm land, leaving a few of the dogongta behind. Any who claim to have seen this wild animal described it as a beast with black spikes on it's back and a tail. Ran sometimes on four, and others on two."


"Sir, let me finish. Now, the dogongta are strong, yet docile creatures. Stronger than normal men. The beast had to be very strong to butcher the thing with it's bare claws, but it didn't originate on the planet. And curiosity drew me out into the area is was last believed to be.

"And I found it. It was a child, a sentient child. Quite vicious. It looked a lot like a Saiyan."

"It looked like a Saiyan. That means nothing, Zarbon."

"Ah, but then it spoke in a tongue you'd be interested in, sire."

An inquiring eyebrow rose up, and the sexless voice said, "You know I dispise guessing games. Tell me."

Zarbon let himself smirk, looking desirably deadly. "Saiyago spilled from it's lips, Freeza. It is a genuine Saiyajin." And a darling little morsel as well. Maybe I should ask about keeping him as my own.

Both eyebrows shot up, but only for a moment. "Another Saiyajin survived? That's the second one so far!" Freeza turned abruptly. "I thought Nappa was the only exception that was off the planet! There showed no other missions off Vegitasei!" But a thought stopped him in his rant. Of course, another survivor would make the prince somewhat more pleased with his life style. A tiny smile slowly made itself resent and he chuckled. My favorite. He'll make me proud one day... if I don't kill him first. "Find the mangy monkey and bring him here." And, as an after thought, he added, "And clean him up."

"As you command."