Da heavy hitters! ^_~


"This is the story of a guy
Who fought a lot of peeps and saved the whole world
And while he looked so stern on battlefields
We absolutely love him, when he smiles"

^_^;;; Okay, that was cheap, but it's the truth! Who can resist the heart-filled and utterly goofy smile of Son Gokou??? ... Unless your name is Vegeta, you can't say otherwise.

Dragonball and it's two sequels, Z and Grand Tour/GT, are the story of Gokou and his bizarre trials through life, which, from the age of 12, consisted of fighting, eating, fighting, misunderstanding, eating, fighting, not thinking too hard, fighting, aliens, eating, lounging, fighting.... Did I mention eating? And fighting?

o_o His life is so simple.

.... If it wasn't for desert bandits, shape shifters, ice-based aliens, bio-organic androids, cyborgs, tailed brothers, perverted martial arts masters, talking turtles, short tyrants, withering gods, tall green men making moves on his high IQ kid, tri-clops, short and arrogant princes, even shorter and crazy emperpors, selfish genius females, time traveling hotties, pink blob things, evil dragons, and a wife who needs some depressants once in a while. Other than that, Gokou has life pretty well planned out: eat, sleep, and train.

^_^ Yep. Gokou is a pretty relaxed guy. Nothing ever bothers him. ...Actually, 0.o /he's/ the scary one. His intelligence (or lack there of) is frightening in itself, he's not modest, nor ever shows true hate. But, the man is a saiyan. He's run by primal instincts no matter how civilized he is. Which means, ladies and gents, Son Gokou.... *gasp* knows what sex is! AHHHH! The horror!

Moving on. This page is dedicated solely to the Z senshi that protect the world from alien invaders and gross looking creatures made in the backyard. No bashing will occur... not even bashing of Yamucha! *another gasp* XP Because I like Yamucha a lot. If anyone will be bashed, it's Roshi, and it won't be by me. ..... Unless he's trying to look down my shirt, by why would he do that? I'd scare him clean. o_X;;

XB Now, honor the Saiyajin and their vegetable names! And get going somewhere before this little potato pulls a Nanban-ha on yaz. *EG*

Updated: 6/1/01 Fanfiction has been updated!... But not with my work. *waggles eyebrows*

Shuken Idou!

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