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Gokou x ChichiWell, if it isn't the main couple of the series. Of course, that's overshadowed by everyone's love for V/B.
Vegeta x BulmaNumber one couple in the world of DBZ hetero pairings. I don't mind it much, but variety would be good. And let's remember folks.. they aren't married.
Gohan x VidelAnd if these two aren't canon, then where did Pan come from, hm?
Krillin x Juuhachi-gouMy favorite canon couple. =) It's just.... so interesting! A machine made to destroy and kill, subdued by the second best bald man good guy. Kuririn's got charm, sure. If he didn't, then how did he pick up Marron? It's mind boggling, much moreso than V/B. That was hormones.
Krillin x MaronCanon couple, but it doesn't last... as everyone knows. o.o Poor man.. =\
Yamucha x BulmaGuys, really. Yam'cha got there first. And what most people didn't realize before DB hit American shores was that Yamucha is frickin' afraid of women. And I believe that /Bulma/ is more likely to cheat than Yamucha is. She's got him whipped good.
Tenshinhan x L(a)unch^^; Not quite sure yet..
Yamucha x MaronShe /was/ flirting with him..
(Mirai) Juunana-gou x (Mirai) TrunksIt's Katchan's fault for putting this in my head. ._. Sadly, I don't think she writes anymore.
Vegeta x Gokou*shakes her head* Impossible to decide who the uke and seme are. But, considering that the Saiyajin culture is totally unknown, hey, anything can happen. Besides, wouldn't the last people of their kind take shelter with one another? It's all psychology, my friend.
(Mirai) Trunks x GotenThis is what I serious believe to be true. Best friends, ultimately close, and probably know each other inside out.
Trunks x PanShe might have a crush, but seriously. Trunks probably has a million admirers of the female gender after him. If it's not Goten, he'd probably pick someone a bit closer to his age.
Trunks x MarronDon't ask. 9.9 I don't know.
Goten x BraGoten spends too much time with Trunks and gets to know his sister very well.
Goten x MarronDon't ask. 9.9 I don't know.
Ubuu x MarronDon't ask. 9.9 I don't know.
Goten x ParisDon't ask. 9.9 I don't know.
Ubuu x PanDon't ask. 9.9 I don't know.
Ubuu x BraDon't ask. 9.9 I don't know.
Juunana-gou x PanOkay, what the hell are people thinking?? She is the daughter of /Gohan/. To Juunana-gou, I doubt this marks her as an acceptable mate.
Juunana-gou x BraBut then I completely contradict myself with saying this is probably more acceptable.
Freeza x VegetaVery sick man.. This would explain why Vegeta hates Freeza so much, aside from killing the entire Saiyajin race. ... *shudders* Non-consensual.
Freeza x Zarbon*twitch* Uh.... I have doujinshi about this, but I mainly bought it because it had the couple below. Absolutely gorgeous art, though. It was practically identical to Akira Toriyama's.
Burter x JeiceIt's out there, maaaaan.
Piccolo x GohanUm, dude? /Thee/ easiest males in DBZ to slash. And with perfectly good reason too. Gohan idols Piccolo. Hell, the kid even /sings/ about how much he loves our big, green man from space. Piccolo cares deeply, like a second father, but it could easily be said it's more than that.
Piccolo x Juunana-gouAnd this hits me square in the head after watching the Cell saga for, what, the fourth time? Anyone notice how they started cooperating after Cell showed his ugly face? I see possible attraction.
Tenshinhan x Yamucha.... *shrugs* Call it an addiction. Wasn't so bad about pairing up to of DBZ's 'losers'? *snorts* My god, all that Yamucha bashing has got to stop. He's the most down to earth personality I've ever seen in that show.
Vegeta x PiccoloNow if this wasn't obvious? Let see, they went floating on a little mini iceberg together in, I think, that Android 13-15 movie. They were on the hospital roof together at the end of.... I think the Bojack movie.
Mirai Trunks x (Mirai) GohanNow when has having a crush on your teacher been a bad thing?... Even if he's only half your age?
Vegeta x Mirai Trunks*sweat* Don't hurt me... its an acquired taste. *ducks the anger mob and whimpers pitifully*
Pan x BraTwo young girls, maybe wanting to explore their sexuality.. The saiyan in them does seem to enhance their beauty as well.
Bulma x ChichiSo some women can't stand their men being away forever. They have relationships in common... What's so bad about finding comfort in one another?

God, I could go on forever with couplings here! I really, really could! @.x