Vegeta, your only 'real' Saiyajin on Chikyuu, mainly since Gokou and the half breeds were raised in tradition of the ningens.

He dropped by a year after Radditsu bit the dust in search of the dragonballs. He seemed really young and immature then. Maybe it was because of his armor. Or maybe it was the way he said, "Wow. Cool." (I'm stuck with the dubs. Sue me.)

Either way, he's ruthless. C'mon, who kills a loyal servant like Nappa?... Wait, I take that back. But he's still ruthless. But during the time when Frieza was on Namekusei, the guy seemed to grow up. Maybe it was because he got his butt kicked. Anyway, Vegeta is this guy who seems so devoid of emotion and focused on being the strongest there is. Gokou's sort of in the way when it comes to that. BUT!, he really proved us wrong when he started to cry and spilled what really happened to Vejiitasei and his role in it to Gokou. That took guts, considering the most emotion he showed towards anyone was an evil smirk.

Okay, so he cried. He was back to normal once he came back to life. Talk about a rebound. ^_^ So, he's his bad self again when Mirai Trunks comes along. *kissy face* Why did they have to be related? 9.9 *whine* ...Anyway. This happens and that happens and Trunks dies by Cell's hand (blast). Until then, Vegeta was very indifferent or harsh to him. But lookie lookie. He's got emotion afterwards.

And then he gets /more/ damn emotion! Bluddering about self-sacrifice. Dammit, he loves! That's not the princely, selfish, arrogant saiyan that we know.

*cackle* But who noticed the yaoi moments in the dubbed Buu episodes? XD /I/ did. During his sappy hug-Trunks-knock-Trunks-out episode and during the agree-with-Gokou-knock-Gokou-out episode. Go watch those eps. and tell me you can't see the innuendo.

All in all: *_* The man is good in leather and tight outfits.

Cannon Universe

Name: Vegeta

Variation: Vegita, Vejiita, Vejita, Begeta, Bejiita, Bejita, Begita.

Meaning: Vegetable

~Father: King Vegeta
~Mother: Unknown
~Mate: Bulma
~Sons: Mirai Trunks (altiverse), Trunks (Heir)
~Daughter: Bura

Pastimes: training, eating, looking good while being bad