Not much is known about the brother of Gokou, except that.. well, he's Gokou's brother. He comes out of the blue and lays a whole history book onto Gokou's mind and then expects him to follow? o.O So Radditz's logic eventually becomes, "Let's kidnap my nephew and convince Kakarrot that he should join Freeza's army!.. Or ours. Whichever comes first."

And in the end, he gets his butt whooped by Piccolo and Gokou's joint effort with a brief intervention by Chibi-Gohan, ultimately leaving only Piccolo standing on the battlefield.

All in all: What would the series have been like if Radditz decided that it wasn't worth it to die and /lived/ through the story? *pout* It'd make me so much more happy. He's my favorite character and he doesn't even last a week.

Cannon Universe

Name: Radditz

Variation: Raditz, Radditsu

Meaning: Radish

~Father: Bardock
~Mother: Unknown
~Siblings: Gokou

Pastimes: um... probably causing mayhem