I sat, silently, watching those who have become my friends and family from afar. It's been 30 years since I met these people, and I must say, they are *thee* most remarkable beings in all of the universe. They were the Son family and the Brief family, along with their friends from past times.

Many have joined us, in blood and in contact. Where should I start? Probably with the Son's. Chichi finally got her wish for a daughter. Kameko smiled, hugging her aging mother from behind. She was roughly 26 years old, and currently works in the finest restaurant in Sataan City.

And then there was Godek, the only pure Saiyajin born to that family. His hair wasn't all black like all the previous generations before him. A natural white streak creased the spiked head of the 29 year old. An abnormality. Hey, at least it's something different.

Who else? Um... Oh yeah, Golin. The son of Gohan and Pan's younger brother, he was a spunky brat. On the other hand, he was a fine good English teacher. He deserves some credit too. The only Son male without the wild hair. Simple, thin black strands cut to short than an inch long, he still looks like Son-kun. When don't they? When they're girls. At the moment, he was digging through one of the four picnic baskets brought along. And when I say picnic baskets, I mean things the size of a large trunk normally found at the foot of the bed, in some corner, or stuffed in the attic. Hey, I'm not complaining.

Kameko, Golin, Godek... I think that's it. What? You wanna know about the others Son members? Sure, why not?

Gokou, still alive and kicking... and is currently kicking "His All High and Mighty Majesty" all over the place on the other side of the field. Great. When they come back, they're going to empty at least two of those baskets. Not fair. I'm a growing Saiyajin too.

Chichi. What can I say? She's still as pretty as when I first met her. Only a few grey hairs and, at most, three wrinkles. ... She'd slap me if I ever told her that. She thinks she's uglier than a hag fish. I beg to differ.

Gohan was chattering Piccolo's green ears off, who had somehow been convinced to join us. And while Gohan continued to yap away his mouth about about his week of progress as an Ambassador to Japan, Piccolo had long forgotten his need to hide his emotion. That tiny smile on his lips gave away how proud the Namekjin was and Gohan knew too. So did I, but I never said anything. Why spoil such a secret language?

Videl was helping her father, Monde Sataan, sit down on the edge of the blue blanket after a short walk. Mr. Sataan was still a hero to the millions who knew his name, even after retirement, and Videl had made sure to stay by the 76 year old's side, hence, why Gohan, Videl, Golin, and Pan had moved in with them, but I'm sure Golin will be moving out soon, even if he adores his grandfather.

Pan... lovely little Pan, still morning for her lost mate, even after one and a half decades. I see no future for her in another's arms. Maybe just as well, but I'm sure he would have wanted her to move on. Someday, she might forgive fate. Unfortunately, that day may be on the one where she dies.

And then, there was Goten. A sad case right there. He lost almost everything dear in his life, except his daughter. I'm not going to get to her yet. She's a special one.

Goten was sitting on top of a nearby hill, listening happily as the girl explained to him how London had been. He had forgiven himself, but couldn't move on when it came to another wife. He ran a dojo now, teaching eight and nine year olds the same simple techniques Gohan had taught him. And guess what? He *still* can't get the name of the Kame-hame-ha right. It's hopeless.

Is that all? I think so. Well then, let's move on to the Briefs.

The second and last of the earthen born purebred Saiyajins was named Boxers. Why these children haven't been teased in school is beyond me. The little welp has dark purple hair and takes more after Bulma than Vegeta. The kid's pretty bright. Discovered how in the world that space armor can stretch as well as crack apart at the age of 19. Don't ask me how it was done. I hardly understood it past the first few sentences. That was ten years ago, by the way.

Oh Vic~tor~ia. Yes, they finally ran out of suitable underwear for names that wouldn't sound utterly ridiculous. I think Bulma wanted to call her Thong, but Vegeta blew up and practically screamed, "I won't have anymore underwear kids!" Lucky for us, the name Vixie got was considered suitable for a Sayajin princess as well as keep up the tradition. I mean, who hasn't heard of "Victoria Secrets"? And I think she took the name a little too far. The lime-green haired 26 year old is secretly a cage dancer at a few nightclubs. Shh! I didn't tell you that, okay?

That's it for the newbies. What about the originals? Coming right up.

With age comes maturity... Well, it's about damn time with Bulma. Gohan told me she's flirted endlessly, even after Vegeta came into her life. My theory is that is was to see how far she could push the prince.. Didn't take much in the beginning.. Doesn't take much even now. She's in her high 60's and doesn't look a day over 30. In my opinion anyway. Her hair is slowly turning purple, which she says is a sign of greyness. Wonder what that makes Boxers and Torankusu.

Torankusu? Who's he, you ask? Hold your horses, I'm getting there.

Bra is vice-president of Capsule Corporation and is doing a fine good job at it. Though, her choice in a mate is something nobody likes the idea of. His name is Terik, son of Raji, nephew to Nappa, and cousin to Gokou. I'll get to him soon.

Here they come, the lowly commoner and the prince, back from their sparing match. Vegeta learned a lot during the last 50 years. When he got over an obstacle, an even worse one was directly after it. And boy oh boy, if I were him, I would've died from shock every time over. What kind of shocks were they? Soon. All will be explained.

I sighed then, but nobody was around to hear it. All the better, I suppose. Our Trunks has been dead for as long as Pan has been morning. Yup, the pale haired child and rightful heir to a throne that didn't exist was deceased. It was one of the reasons Goten wasn't himself. How could you not feel terrible with the passing on of your best and closest friend?

As for Torankusu, he's better know as Mirai Trunks. His world had been completely destroyed and that's his burden on his shoulders. He wasn't strong enough to stop the threat that wiped out every human and he left his time, leaving behind a dead world, devoid of life. He never spoke of what happened; it was too painful. Even when he tried, he either shook uncontrollably or broke down into tears.

Right now, he was smiling at the one person he could relate with: Juunana-gou. Yeah, the cyborg finally came out of hiding. Lives with the Briefs now. Vegeta wasn't very happy at all. In fact, he was seconds away from blowing Juunana to bits, but Bra stopped him. She gave him a speech that somehow pounded the message into the Saiyan's head: he's not bad anymore so leave him alone. Juunana-gou owed her big time and it was paid back when Tora-kun and #17 got married. Gotta admit, they make a cute couple.

And with Juu-kun comes Juuhachi-gou. She was with Krillin, catching whatever the short man threw out of a third basket. Heh. That's my family now. My in-laws. Yup, I married Marron. Juu-chan said I was the best thing that happened to her. You should've seen my blush.

Speaking of Marron, she was with Bra now, talking over pregnancy plans. I have no clue how it always seems to work out that way. Fate, perhaps? Some weird antic that states all children born in this ring shall have some friend counterpart? I dunno.

Brand was also with them. He's my brother in-law. Short with crop-cut blonde hair, I'm starting to think that black isn't a very dominate hair color. Neither are black eyes.

I covered mostly everyone, so let's go back to Goten's daugther.

Her name is Alli, and is the most powerful of all the Saiyajins, yet she was born mute. Her telepathy, though, was stronger than the average Saiyan's. She had a brother too, Dominick, but he had died just after Trunks did. Tora feels guilty for that too. Can't blame him there. Alli's mother I knew first hand, better than anyone ever could before she met Trunks and Goten.

Her name was Sirri and for 18 years, she was a science experiment, such as myself. Then the truth was revealed to everyone.

Sirri was Trunks' younger twin sister.

She was the reason Trunks and Torankusu looked so different. Her hair was a deep violet blue, with fathomless black eyes. She didn't take on the Brief name, however, but kept the one she used for years, Tamichi, after the one who raised her. And now, she was also dead.

Ah hah! Guess who just showed up? Bra ran up to hug her mate, nearly knocked the man off his feet with the momentum. Terik looked alot like Radditsu, even with the same unruly mass of hair. Just one difference in that department. It was a mohawk, with a large tail of black hair that reached his knees.

Besides him, Raji gave a faint smile. Terik was supposed to be betrothed to Sirri, but Terik wasn't that cruel, especially since she had rejected him. One thing eventually led to another and Bra was still trying to asimilate both of them into the family. Kudos to her, because even Vegeta was loosing his grudge against them. Still, he wasn't too fond of having his former associate's nephew, or his current rival's cousin for that matter, bonding with his daughter. Neither would I, if it were me, for the sheer hell that's it waaay too confusing for this small mind of mine.

That's pretty much it, except for the other humans. Wish they could've been here, but they declined politely. Maybe some other time.

"Odin?" I looked down and smiled. Brand smiled back and climbed the tree to sit on a branch opposite mine. "What are you doing up here? Sleeping?"

"Not really, kid. Just thinking and remembering." Yeah, my name's Odin. And I'm the seventh and last of the purebred Saiyajins. Kinda funny if you think about it. I'm not related to any of them, yet I'm closer to Gokou and Vegeta in blood then their own children. Hard to believe? Let me make it easier for you. Dr. Tamichi Kei had found a sample of Gogeta's blood and had spent a year developing the DNA into a replica of him. It failed. Nice way to think of me, as a failure, but that didn't stop Raji and Terik from being scared of me. I had no idea it was because I was blonde. See, I'm a naturally 'born' Super Saiyajin, like Broli was. No, I wasn't nuts and kept repeating the same word over and over again. I didn't need a collar and I wasn't mad buff. But you know what? I was fully grown by the age of five, and haven't aged since. I'm not immortal, not by a long shot. Isn't it great to be me?

"Well, snap outta it. Food's being served!" And with that, he jumped down and made a break back for the group.

I jumped down right after him, but didn't run. From here, it looked so peaceful. So many understandings were made these years, that I even gave them a name.

I call them Rightous Movements. It's Sirri's story, but she isn't the only main character. However, as I see it, she started the whole mess, and all that was involved was a associates' dinner party and a dress. How bizarre is that, ladies and gentlemen?

Welcome to a universe sans GT.