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Searching for You
Chapter 1

"Trunks-kun! Where are you?!"

Son Goten floated aimlessly around jutting, mountainous rocks, searching for his hiding friend. The land was barren and roaming with all sorts of odd creatures, but nothing that resembled his brightly haired friend stuck out against the earth-tone hues.

Hide-and-seek was always a favorite game of Goten's and he especialy liked playing with his friends, but between his reptilious playmates and Trunks, Trunks was the best hider. Yet in an area like this, it was easy to look everywhere and still not find anyone.

However, Goten was ready to give up. It'd been ten minutes and already he crossed the rocky hills twice, with no sign of Trunks. "C'mon, Trunks-kun! I give up already!"

While the reply went unanswered, Goten wasn't without response. A few pillars away, Trunks poked his head up from behind the rock, peering silently at his figuratively-lost friend. The young prince-of-no-kingdom felt proud of himself, the way he avoided being found by the eight-year-old. I am such a genius.

Goten drifted around a rather large protrusion and Trunks bound atop his current pillar, scurrying down the other side and lept onto the dry ground. He was in hiding again before Goten even emrged from the other side. Yes, Trunks was aware he was cheating, but it's not like Goten would ever know, right?

"Honor has its place," he recalled his father once telling him, "but so does being nasty and undermining. If you have the upperhand, don't be affraid to cheat some."

I don't think he meant playing dirty in games, but it's the same basis. ...I think.

"Mou! Tru~unks!" the tiny Son cried. "This isn't fun anymore!"

He liked teasing Goten-- no, he -loved- teasing Goten. It held merit to him, that he could get the best of an offspring of Gokou when his father couldn't even top the real thing. They -were- the same, after all. Childish, a touch-less-than-average IQ, and powerful. Why then? Where did the difference start? Vegeta was older than Gokou, and Trunks was older than Goten. And with his father's five years to Trunks' one, it would only be natural....

Behind the eight year old half Saiyajin, Trunks sat comfortably on the branch of a tree, watching the spikey-haired boy run around below him. It was a game to the young prince of no kingdom, one where he would wait, tackle, and say, 'Tag, you're it, Goten-chan.' .. Goten hated that nickname.