"I'm retiring."

The comforting silence that had reigned for a few precious seconds was shattered most unexpectantly. The flow of black coffee refilling a mug stopped

"What?" Bulma looked up from her coffee, bewilderment in her eyes. "You don't think you're too old to play baseball anymore--"

"No.. that's not it. " Yamucha frowned. "I'm not going to be joining Gokou and the others for fighting. Anyone my power level came along and Gokou could take him out with with his pinky finger. Anyone /their/ power level would swat me away like a bouncy ball."

"Except you wouldn't bounce as far," she said calmly. "Yam'cha, I think the others would respect your decision. Gokou especially."

Yamucha gave a small smile. "Ah, maybe. But as much as I liked saving the world, I was seriously outclassed when Vegeta showed his full head of hair."

Bulma giggled/chuckled, quieting it by putting a hand over her mouth. She enjoyed her monthly chats with her ex-boyfriend, who, after a while, got used to the fact that Bulma was taken, and there was no way in hell she be 'un-taken' until Vegeta dug himself his own grave... again. "Oh, lighten up, Yam'cha." She winked. "Maybe you can go back to being a desert bandit."

"..Now /that/ is an idea. Robbing poor innocents, making a small living..."

"I wouldn't have to bail you out if you're caught, would I?"

"Yamucha does not get caught." The was a silence, Bulma just watching the long-time warrior, making him sweat nervously. "....Would you?"

"You doubt me?.... depending on the charges, of course."

"Of course," he answered, false mockingly. "...And the rugrats are home."

"Already?" she said, looking at the clock on the wall. 3:24. "Huh. Time flies."

Yamucha nodded as Trunks ran through the kitchen, sliding into a halt in front of the refridgerator, flinging the door open and, more or less, raiding it. A young, blueish green haired girl, followed by a blonde girl with pigtails, entered as well, standing near the doorway and flushed in fury. "Trunks! You pig!"

"Hn??" The purple head rose from behind the door, a package of cheese stuck between his teeth. "Wha'. Ah am naht ahh pilg. Ahm gust hung'y."

Bra huffed, Marron looking like she was intruding. But it was then they got a better look who was actually in that specific room. " Konichiwa, Ojisan Yam'cha!"

Yamucha got in a wave, sweatdropping at her older brother's appetite. Though, as it sank in that the kitchen was occupied already, Trunks pulled himself out of the fridge, tranferring all the food he picked out into his arms and turned, grinning as bright as he could. Why? To hide his indiscrete embarrassment.

Bulma didn't even want to ask, considering she's seen Son-kun's stomach in action; Vegeta was a bit more mannered and neat, but he also had that same Saiyan hunger. It wasn't a surprise their male children also had that appetite... Pan too, but Bra wasn't big on food. That might've been because she, so far, has chosen not to train in offense. .... On the other hand, it probably wasn't just a Saiyajin thing, but more of a warrior thing, since even Kuririn, Yamucha, Tenshinhan, Chao-tsu, and.. ew, Yajirobe had large, healthy appetites.

"Anyway, 'Kaasan, we're going out to the mall with Pan. Can you call Juu-san and Kuririn-san and tell them that Marron won't be back until about... um.. 7?"

Well, that and the fact that Trunks was on his way out with his buffet, Bulma turned to look at the two girls and nodded. "Okay then, but I want you back by 8, at the latest. You have homework to finish /and/ we have that assembly to get to."

"Yoshi! Bye 'Kaasan, Yam'cha!" Marron gave a wave and hurried after the genius' daughter. Yamucha watched them leave too. "Kids are growing fast, Buruma. You're gonna be childless as soon as Bra leaves for college."

She sighed. "I know. But, as the french say, 'C'est la vie.'"

The scarred man smiled. "And as they also say, 'Au revoir.' I promised Puar I'd be back at 4 o'clock, so I need to get going." He rose, as did the blue haired woman. "Want me to see you out?"

"Nah, s'okay. I can let myself out."

"If you say so."