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Chapter 4

The months past quickly, slowing into late spring. There had been no sign of anybody persuing them, and had attempted training after two weeks of waiting like scared rabbits who feel the hungry eyes of the hawk. But there was nothing. Nobody.

The sessions always stepped up as the days went by and soon started sparring at their normal pace, without the restrictions those white walls always demanded.

They were all over the treetops, in the water, everywhere that wasn't too high or too far from their new 'home'. But when the sun again started to set and the duo lowered their battered bodies back down to the earth, while no one from civilization had found them, someone a bit more interesting had.

Piccolo opened his eyes. He sat in his regular medatative position, legs folded under him, barely hovering a few inches off of the ground. They never noticed him, nor saw or felt his power flow. He, on the other hand, knew their moves, their maximum ki level, their /names/, and a little of what they liked and disliked. All in all, the mighty namekujin had been observing them for quite a while.

There was just one tiny question he wanted an answer to: it was understandable that they were limited in materials, but did they *have* to spar in just their underwear? It was just a touch uncomfortable, even if the human body did nothing for him...... sorta...

They won't be a threat. A few more days of watching and then I'll leave.

Trunks dragged himself down the street, staring at the cracks in the sidewalk and following them with his eyes.

Ever since that day, everything had gotten worse. His grades in school, his sparring ability with his father, his attention span when listening to people or doing anything in general, his eating habits, his attitude, his health. The teen's defensiveness, however, grew because he had to convince people that he was 'perfectly fine'.

Some just couldn't get a clue. Bulma fussed, which led to arguements, Vegeta was pulled in, which led to arguements, Goten was concerned, which led to arguements, and Bra was truly upset, which led to arguements, Bra crying in her room afterwards, and him feeling very guilty, but unable to take back what he said.

Trisis was his main concern and it wore away at him, since nothing in the dreams ever told much, just that Trisis and that Kinru undyingly loved each other. Both were lively, deadly, and the most beautiful creatures Trunks had ever seen in the uncivilized world, because that what they were: uncivilized monsters who captured him within their game.

Kinru, though... he felt no curiosity towards the youth. He was the one in control, making sure Trisis never left his side. And Trisis deserved freedom from him...


He stopped at the high shrill and sighed, not wanting to turn around and face Sasha. She was the absolute last thing the prince needed.

She pulled up infront of him, smiling brightly. Her fire-magenta hair was a little disarrayed from running to catch up with him, but otherwise it looked the same as it did in history class. "Going home, Trunks-kun?"

He nodded and brushed past her, hoping she'd get it through her mind that he wasn't interested in her. Someone who wanted her would be nuts. Yes, she was pretty, rich, and intellegent, but her attitude and nails-on-the-chalkboard voice when she spoke at fast speeds left something to be desired.

But, she insisted on following him, chattering the whole block down. It was mindless drabble and Trunks held in the wince as she got into discussing her family's newly acquired territory in Sataan City. He hated those who flaunted their wealth, even himself at times, because 'mondo greenbacks,' as Goten put it, brought extra responsibility... like protecting it from computer hackers. The man who had stolen from the CC account was still pleading his innocence, but no one believed him.

"Look, Sasha," he said, when she finally stopped for a minute to get his opinion, "I'm happy for you, but I could care less about your financial life. I don't care about all the 'power' your family has and it's making me sick."

She blinked, oblivious. "But you come from a rich family. Don't you care about what you could do when you inherit your fortune and the power over Capsule Corporation? We could even merge the companies together! We'd be the biggest in the world of enterprise and power."

He made a face of disgust and snorted, tapping his head once. "All the power I want is right up here." And in here, he thought, clenching his fist. And he started to walk away, leaving Sasha on the empty sidewalk.

The heir to the Tashiyamo company Red Wolf Inc. frowned, confused. She watched as he rounded the corner of the block and sighed. She was trying everything to get Trunks Briefs, the part gaijin boy, to see her as a potential girlfriend and, in the future, wife. Her money would then quadruple in amount and even Donald Trump would be below them.

She smiled to herself and walked back in the direction that they had come from. I will have you, Briefs-san, if it's the last thing I do.

They bowed before the royal monarchs and their leader, tails laid out behind them in a show of submission.

King Vejiita glared at the pair, his energy level barely surpressing the urge to just exterminate these two, even if it would cost him his life by Freeza's hand. They were abominations and didn't deserve the gifts of power, nor the gift of life, they were given.

Today they seeked an audience and the permission of a special request.

"Master Freeza, Majesty Vejiita, Prince Vejita, we request that you grant us a wish being the strongest among the common people."

No one dared to argue with Kinru's statement, for they all knew it was true and much, much more.

"Kinru Harida, Trisis Cavirallen, speak."

"Lordships," said Trisis, daring a risk to glance upon their faces for a mere second, "we desire test our skills against the all-powerful Freeza himself.. and if we die against him, I will gladly state right now that there is no stronger being in the entire universe."

"I second that, as well as add that it's an honor to die by a hand that would I believe not even think of battling worthless people such as ourselves."

Only the wind howled as the air caught fast in every throat. No one challenged Freeza, except the rightly insane.... This certified their insanity.

The prince peered up at Freeza, who actually seemed to be thinking it over. Vejita only blinked when the horned being stood up from his father's throne and started to chuckle. It grew into an evil sound, leaking of amusement and the truth. "No, you may not."

The two lifted their heads in unison and spoke, "Sir?"

He decended, step by step, until he was about half way down. His sadistic smile crossed his face and Freeza closed his eyes. "I refuse for many reasons. Why risk the best saiyajin warriors in a pity battle. I could kill you. ... I could kill you and that would be that. I've liberated this race of it's demon leash and there will be competion to be the strongest again and I so enjoy the saiyajin arena. But I like you two, and if I fought you and let you live, you'd only get stronger. Your strength would increase by one half of what it is already. And then you might try to kill me. Whether or not any of this is true, I still can't risk either my life or yours."

The pair stared in disbelievement as the man walked down the rest of the stairs, between the two on the red carpet and walked out, Dodoria and Zarbon following him at the main entrance to the court room.

Odin walked along the streambank, kicking at a few loose pebbles in the sand. The water babbled soothingly beside him, running clearly like an orchestra of one instrument. This had grown to be his past time when Sirri slept under the sun.

He loved her dearly; as far as he could remember, he always loved her and what came of this love was a close friendship between two who were created by science. She was beautiful, arrogant in her power, yet feared of her weaknesses and flaws, and knew how to care. She cared for the old man whom she called Grandfather, she cared for himself and Kail, cared for the masterpieces she drew.

He drew too, but specialized in landscapes, while Sirri excelled in portraits with pencils and graphite shading. Most of what they did were stored away by Tamichi in a safe place, but a few littered their rooms, the unfinished ones.

She claimed his best was the one of the city below, on the streets at 10 in the morning, minus the people who walked by that day. He said her best was the one of Kail concentrating on fixing some small trinket. It was a profile and looked "exactly like him."

Odin sighed and jumped up onto a large boulder that was half way into the water, but mostly still in the ground. Odin laid on his belly and stared down into the stream from the rock's ledge, carved out by eroding liquid. He started to hum something, idly, adjusting his view every few seconds from watching his reflection to observing the tiny fish swimming around.

He saw it before he felt it. Something flew past him up above, mirroring off of the water before he paid enough attention to feel for it. Whatever the green/white streak had been, it had power.

Quickly, Odin pushed himself up and transformed his ki into a repulsive energy, lifting himself off of the ground and heading upwards. It has eyes. It's been watching us, I bet.

It was rushing away at high speeds and the blonde was determined to catch up to it before it got away for good.

Piccolo made a face in his carelessness. The youth often got wrapped up in his thoughts that the namekujin believed he could leave without being noticed. Left a little too early, I suppose.

And the bad thing was, Odin was catching up. Piccolo increased his flight speed, but something began rushing behind his trail and Piccolo swerved aside, only to be hit by something solid. His coordination lost it's balance for a moment and righted himself just before colliding with the ground. That's one move he never used before... Must've been on a whim.

He looked up at the blonde, who was, in return, glaring dangerously at him. "Who are you, what are you, and what are you doing around here?!"

The ex-demon king hned quietly and causally folded his arms, floating up to the point where he was eyelevel with Odin. "You can't even begin to fathom who I am or what I am."

"Then what is your purpose here."

Piccolo frowned. "There is no purpose to be here. I just choose to be."

The man snarled- growled was more like it- and dropped into a fighting stance. "I don't believe you."

"Believe was you want, Odin, but I've been watching you two for a couple of months now."

Odin dropped his guard at that, but Piccolo didn't press an attack; it wasn't worth it. "Don't be surprised. I'm the one who should be, considering I'm the only one who even noticed your ki signatures and relaps." Although Vegeta prefers to say in the confinements of his gravity chamber and Gokou's so far away..... They couldn't feel these kinds of levels... probably wouldn't bother.

The blonde blinked and straightened, a Son blank-and-clueless expression on his face. Piccoro snorted softly. I was beginning to think there was only Vegeta in him... How much this one proves me wrong.

He suddenly took an interest at a spot over Odin's shoulder and the latter turned around even as Sirri gave a startled gasp. She looked like a bomb had hit her straight on, having just woken up at the charging powers. She had her hands over her mouth, staring wide eyed at Piccolo himself.

"Sirri, daijoubu?"

She nodded slowly, never taking her black eyes off of the demonic being. "I felt rapid flares and they woke me up. ... What's that??"

"Hn," huffed Piccolo, drifting closer, and rovered his eyes over the golden warrior. "Move aside, Odin. This'll only be a second."

The blonde bared his teeth and emitted a growl, eyes trying to smolder the green-skinned monster. "Like hell I will!" Aura whisps flickered about violently as he charged the ex-Demon King. But it was childplay for Piccolo to cast the boy aside as he rose on arm and sent a sonic blast towards Odin, indefinitely knocking him back a few kilometers from the namekujin and Sirri. The girl called out for her comrad with a shriek unbefitting the heritege of blood in her veins.

With a howl of rage, Odin sped back, intenting to either show the freak who was boss or save Sirri (whichever one came first). But it was too late.

Dread. Inhumane black eyes hardened by life. She hated them and wanted them to go away. But they wouldn't. No dark enclosure followed her wish, no blink to break the transfixture and run away. "Yamate.."

"Iie." A hand reached out to grip her chin gently, but with a force that commanded respect. "You need to learn a little something before you venture out into the world." Sirri paled visibly. "Eyes are windows and they can be shut. Look at me."

Dark, wavering eyes looked at dull, darker ones and was silenced by what was shining deep inside them.

A serene content, surrounded by tranquility, swirled in the depths of darkness. The sound of a light breeze kissing your cheek filled the space, letting in a special light of soft love reserved for one only. It was an honor to witness it, touching it like a mother would her new born child.

The universe was whole, wrapped in tenderness and bound to two worlds, Chikyuu and Nameksei, and three planes of existance: the mortal, the spiritual, and the divine.

A protector of a changed heart, a mentor in the ways of unearthly fighting, a father to those who need one...

Sirri blinked, jolting back to reality with a slight jerk, and then recoiling, repelling herself from him with a bit of distance. A bronzed arm then wrapped across her chest, pulling her even farther away. Odin aimed a low, gutteral growl at the wandering observer, before whispering quietly to Sirri, "Are yo alright?"

"Hai... Hai," she said, closing her eyes and relaxing back into his chest. "M'fine."

Odin frowned and held her close, but glared with malice at Piccolo. No one harmed Sirri. No one. "Who are you?!"

Piccolo remained frozen, a statue in the wind. "You'll find out soon enough. But right now, you have guests... and they are anxious to meet you."

Both their eyes widened, looking around frantically. Sirri paled and Odin cursed in an obsure language most vulgarly.

And then, there were five...

Rubus laughed in triumph when his two underlings and the namekujin came into view, Kail silent behind him. They stopped their flight yards away, keeping their distance from the powerful green alien.

"Enjoying yourselves out here?" Rubus smirked, but then lost it in a deep frown. "I thought you were responsible, Odin. Tamichi told me Sirri hauled you right out the door with her on that little escapade you pulled all that time ago."

Sirri had snuck behind Odin for protection at their approach. The bald man made a face. "You two are pitiful, only bringing about one of the senshi that live on this planet. I guess I was wrong."

Odin growled and began powering up, his anger clouding his judgement, but a quick motion from their fifth wheel stopped him. "No, don't." Whatever he was talking about, it only served to take the confusion and add to its already formed bulk within Odin and piqued delicately at Rubus's curiousity. Kail remained eerily passive and Sirri clung to Odin's backside, scared.

Piccolo closed his eyes and drifted away from the two groups. "Let's summon the rest of the party." And he forced his power to rise.

Trunks busily wrote down the answer to an economics question when he felt it. It was like a sudden wake-up reaction to another life he led. The papers he left behind on his desk fluttered about as soon as the window opened with him rushing through it.

Vegeta wiped the sweat off of his brow, along with a few drops of blood that were the result of a small cut above his left eye. The elder prince shut down the gravity machine, stalked out of the room, and started down the hallway to the kitchen.

Even inside the building, he could feel Piccolo's rising power, but dismissed it for some exercise the namekian was attempting... Doubt rose, though, when Piccolo began reaching his maximum.

It wasn't surprising Vegeta found himself flying beside his son in the same direction... even if he was shirtless.

Goten literally eeped out of his concentration on his tiny mech model, nearly knocking it down onto the ground. Piccolo..... Gohan?

Gohan stiffened at the feeling eating away in the back of his mind, momentarily missing Pan explain her needs for her history project. What does it mean?

Focusing back on his daughter, the eldest Son child started to come up with an excuse to tell both the women in his life... He looked at the clock and winced. "Pan, hun, could you tell your mother that I'm late for an appointment over at work?"

Pan stopped her explanation, blinked, and then nodded slowly. "Okay Dad."


Kuririn shook himself out of the daze and looked at his daughter. Marron was obviously concerned, not only for her father's distress, but also of the power level she felt. "Isn't that Piccolo-san?"

The ex-monk smiled softly at her, impressed by her growing skills. She may not have become fighting material, but her senses were just as sharp. "Yes, it is.."

"And are you going to go?"

He dropped his smile into a frown and nodded, gravely. "It's my responsibility. I may not be in their league, but I rank well above the other human senshi. But don't worry." He patted her on the head. "I'll be back soon and your mother will be too. Nothing will happen."

Marron sighed, doubt a tiny presense in the back of her mind. "Papa, please, let me come with you?"


"I may not be a warrior, but let me observe. Pan's already a fighter and she's ten."

"And Gohan's not bringing her along either." Kuririn leaned against the back of the couch, brows creased. "Listen, nobody ever wants their children to go into something like this. I know I've told you about Chichi and her reaction to Gohan going up against guys four times his size. She flipped and took it all out on Gokou... And I doubt Mama would agree to me bringing you with me. Please understand."

Marron pouted; this was the first big thing since Buu and she had been only been four years old then. Hardly an age to remember a major struggle for Chikyuu's survival. "Alright... I'll stay."

It was overwhelming to say the least. Odin and Sirri were so used to only four power auras that a fifth, blazing with enough strength to destroy a small planet with a thought, was uncomfortable and just damn right odd. And Piccolo's seemed to send heartbeats into erratic spasms, if you weren't careful... Sirri clung onto Odin's arm. The potential energy was like an anti-euphoria, making you feel inadequate and useless. The pits of their stomachs clenched tightly, passing a wave of nausea over the pair.

Then, an eternity after it began, it was cut off like a snapping of the fingers, taunt threads being plucked and torn. And in mere seconds, the first encounter of many was soon under way...

A whirlwind of images was all that Sirri recalled from the very brief encounter. Two men had appeared, one with hair coned into a very distinquishable style and the other, almost familiar, ranging between the different heights of Piccolo and the-- Begeta Katte sano Sayejic.

Words. So many words. She knew every one, and yet, could never translate them. They spoke of... stuff. Her mind was numb, her senses and fears over loading. But she was nearly whole. One piece.

One being.

But... no. God, no. It hurt. These people were everywhere. These people she knew, had held to them like a derrange family, despite the bitterness and sorrow and turmoil; they were tearing each other apart inside.

Sirri choked and shut her eyes. All wrong. Why can't we be normal...?

Although now, when she opened her eyes and spared a glance at Rubus and Kail, their reaction was suspicious. Rubus was pleased. He was easy to read, and this is what he wanted, with the Begeta Katte sano Sayejic. And Kail's reaction, or lack of, was terrifying. He didn't even twitch a muscle. A soulless machine, he was like. No emotion.

"They... These three must be the warriors of this planet," she whispered against Odin's back, "but only three? Rubus spoke of them like there was a small army of them."

Odin hned and held her even closer. This wasn't over, not by a long shot.

Rubus hardened his gaze at the prince and his heir. And, farther away, he could sense three more auras hastily rushing towards the space they occupied.. The other Chikyuu saiyajin are heading this way... and thankfully, Gokou is nowhere to be felt. "Kail."

The youth turned his head and from this distance, the bald man could see the naked and empty gaze his son now possessed. "I want you to quarter circle around from here, centering around Odin and Sirri, but away from Piccolo and Vegeta. Keep your eyes on /her/."

Vegeta drew his eyebrows together at the black haired man complied with whatever his companion has said to him. "Spit it, namekujin. You can't be serious about these cretins."

Piccolo shook his head. "Kami's will."

Vegeta's lip curled in frustration. He /knew/ the bald baffoon and knew quiet well that he was no threat. Rubus may not have been as stupid as his brother but was seriously underranked by said brother in strength. Like those two dimwits that had worked for Bibidi before they were creamated. But those two lambs in the center struck a different cord of frustration. He'd seen those faces before, but for the life of him, he couldn't place a name on them. "Caronei mashto'il takkeda nos jud'sterhe tole ha..... Begeta Katte sano Sayejic."

The shorter pred-bred narrowed his eyes at the eldest intruder to /his/ planet's space and spat, "Rubus Yulire."

Rubus smirked and nodded. "Good to see you again, Katte. It's been decades."

"It hasn't been long enough," Vegeta grounded out, "considering you're still alive."

Rubus laughed, quite amused. At the same time, Odin, with Sirri in tow, was attempting to slip out while the attention was pulled away from them. But before they could breach the circle, Kail had phased in, cutting off their escape route. Odin snarled at the young pred-bred, but Kail refused to move his ground. Sirri, on the other hand, began to see.. truly began to see as her eyes drifted into the man who was raised as her brother.

They were empty.

Nothing. Not a shread of life, a singe of emotion. No ice, no heat. Only a void as dark as pure light resided there. It was like he was dead....

"Kail... What did they do to you?" She wanted to cry, wanted to knock his common sense back into place, wanted to scream bloody murder.... just to see the saiyajin technician's curious personality again.

"Get back in there." Flat, toneless. It was also amazing. Piccolo taught her something that carried out faster than anything she'd ever mastered.

Odin scowled. "There's no reason to take orders from one who obeys Rubus... though I can't see why you are now."

"I said get back in there and listen."

"No." Odin gently pushed his female counterpart aside, allowing him free movement to claim his birth privilege. He let the anger in, remembering every instant wrong was done in his life and the humilliation of the current situation. A barrier was starting to give way.... I am pure, raw, unfiltered. My mind is a cauldron of harboring spirit. I live as ultimate. They live as my fury. See the light of golden power!

He heard glass shatter, echoing in his ear like musical snowflakes hitting the ground, dancing eternally forever and ever to the rhythm in his heart. Emeralds reflected the light of his aura, flickering like a candle, mad at the world for sealing it's fate. "I say you move aside and tell your father we are not his. We deserve to live, not fulfill such impossible dreams."

But to tell Rubus that message was unnecessary. All the current senshi were eyeing this reborn creature like he had grown two heads. Instead, a golden furred tail had apeared from under his sash, seeing the light of day for the first time in years. His hair has also grown, matching his height easily.

Kail was unmoving.

Sirri, on the other hand, was cowering in the air, fearful for the man that was her closest friend. He never did this before. His power has gone crazy. Odin....

She hardly knew what happened next, but the unmistakable warmth she had once felt before enveloped her in its wings. All she knew was that Odin was her savior, carrying her away from the confusion and fear. She cried into his chest and barely registered the signatures following them. What mattered now was that she was safe and he was magnificent.

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