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Chapter 3

An hour later...

Rubus was pacing back and forth, doing something his line of family rarely ever did: thinking.

They hadn't brought suspicion down upon them as they left the assembly, but something could've happened. Someone could've heard her and thought that Sirri repeating the heir's words was quite interesting. That would've caught some attention. And if it piqued at Bulma's curiosity...

Too many people would've ended the whole game. Sirri had woken up when Trunks had finished with a groggy outlook. The dark haired girl had a fear of people staring at her, and, from experience, Rubus and Tamichi knew she would've blown any cover they had in fright. Odin had gotten her out of there when her senses came back.

Now, Tamichi, Rubus, and Odin were in an office room, Rubus on the floor, Kei at the desk, and Odin was up against the wall.

"We were at risk the very minute we entered those doors, Tamichi! You had no idea this could've happened?!"

The scientist shook his head. "I could not have predicted that. I am unaware of the bonds that tie her to the earth. But I do recall that she's been in contact with the poor lad, ne Rubus-san?"

The large man snorted indignantly. "Unfortuantely, yes. That was a tie she has. It's been there for ten years. I thought it would have withered off into nothing, but not even I know much about this."

"She was very relaxed when she woke up," said Odin, lifting his head to gaze the two other men. "I'm guessing you know more about her than me and Kail do. Is that correct?"

Tamichi nodded. "But, for her own sanity, we can't tell you with the risk of it leaking down to her. We're sorry, Odin."

"Then why am I here? Just to tell you what I observed?"

Again, he nodded and brought out a pencil. "If she told you anything, please, tell us. This will help her more than it will harm."

"If you say so."

"I saw what he saw. I felt his nervousness, his conflicting feelings. But, he felt refreshed, renewed. Like me. He felt like everything was nothing and the world was him... but that didn't make his talking any better. And... I was him then. ....Odin, what's going on? Why did that happen?!"

"That's all she said. No more and no less."

"Thank you, Odin. That's all that we need. Now," Tamichi flipped his notebook closed, "maybe you could go relieve Kail of Sirri."

"And send Kail down here." Rubus added, hardly putting his attention in the blonde man.

Odin only shrugged and left the room.

On Saturday...

"Can't you just buy the store out? I'm still hungry."

Trunks groaned, exasperated. It's not like he didn't want to, but... "If my mother found out I bought out a store for it's ice cream, she'd demolish me harder than /Otousan/ ever could."

The young Son pouted, putting on the innocent eyes of his family, but gave it up after a few seconds, much to Trunks' relief.

The two boys were wading through the mass of bodies in the Sataan City mall, trying to get to the food court to meet a couple of classmate associates. Of course, after this, Goten and Trunks would head back to the area where the younger lived and mess around like the great days of old.

Sasha, Hitoruu, and Beijin sat at one of the many occupied tables, clammer and unfiltered chatter even louder in there then in the corridors. Hitoruu motioned for Trunks to join them and all three were mildly surprised to see a junior in his company. Sasha instantly slid an empty chair closer to herself and asked, "Who's the kid?"

Goten made a face at the rudeness as Trunks frowned. "Guys, this is Goten. Goten, Hitoruu, Sasha, and Beijin."

The three older students returned the small wave that Goten gave them and both sat down, Sasha making sure Turnks was as close to her as possible. The oldest Briefs child took no notice and asked, "So, exactly what's the idea you have?"

Hitoruu gave a brief glance at Goten, but turned his attention back to the task at hand. "As I'm sure we're all remember from when we were little kids, there was the fight against that pink creature, Buu. And now, Buu's all nice and friendly with Mr. Sataan. I figure we could analyze the psychology Sataan put into that beast to make it turn--- What's so funny."

Trunks was covering his mouth, turning bright red, and diverting his eyes elsewhere, trying to find interest in something else before he exploded. Goten, on the other hand, lacked the polite factor his friend did and was laughing out loud, his face buried in his arms. "Well," he sputtered, gasping, "just... that is probably the worst thing I've ever heard. Sataan does jack shit when it comes to fighting!"

Beijin stopped eating whatever was infront of him and stared in disbelief. Sasha and Hitoruu made nasty faces. How dare that brat defile their hero's name? "Sataan-sama is a great man," said Sasha, glaring. "My 'Tousan told me he defeated this other monster called Cell. Now that was a cocky bastard. He thought he could beat Chikyuu's greatest warrior."

Goten snickered and opened his mouth, preparing to claim his older brother, at eleven years old, defeated Gero's creation, but Trunks silenced him with an elbow to the gut. "Well, maybe we need an up-close and personal interview with Mr. Sataan for that."

Hitoruu raised an eyebrow, baffled, but too snooty to admit it. "What're you taking about, Trunks?"

The lavender haired boy smirked and draped his arm over Goten's shoulders. "You are in luck, my friends. See this *junior* here? Three guesses to who his sister-in-law is."

Sasha raised both of her eyebrows, disgusted by this game. Beijin, however, curious about who could posibly be related to this conversation, took a wild shot. "The daughter to some manager of Sataan?"

Goten snorted and propped his chin up on his chin. "Hell no. My brother Gohan is married to a woman named Videl, who, beforehand, was named Videl Sataan."

Three mouths dropped wide open, not believing a word the punk said. Sasha made an indignant sound and waved Goten off. "Yeah, sure. You seem much too lowly to have come from a family that Videl-san would take interest in."

Trunks frowned tightly as Goten growled. Digging into his pocket, he pulled out his best friend next to Trunks: his cellphone. A dangerously evil smile passed over his face. Never mess with this Son and his phone.

He dialed one of the better known numbers and waited for the ever bright, "Moshi moshi?"

"Videl-san, it's me, Goten!"

"Oh, Goten-kun! How are you? Are you looking for Gohan?"

Goten shook his head, but obviously, Videl couldn't see that. "Not really, Videl-san. See, I know I shouldn't be calling you for these types of reasons, but... umm... Hey, Trunks, help me out here, will you? Douza?"

Trunks sighed and took the phone. "Oi, Videl-san?"

"Trunks-kun? What's going on?"

"Well," he said, casting his eyes on his three classmates, "me and some friends needed a topic and that all led up to them not believing you married Goten's brother.. so.. could you.. maybe... prove it?"

"Oi, boys.." She sighed. "Alright, alright. The things I do for you... You owe me."

"Hai, Videl-san." Handing the phone to Hitoruu, he said, "Don't make her mad. She has a temper."

Hitoruu snorted and took the phone, noticing how Goten eyed him dangerously. 'If you do anything to that phone, you will die a death fit for scum lower than snakes and I promise.... I'll make it very, very painful.' Yes, his expression said that much. Will wonders of the Son family never cease? Hitoruu raised an eyebrow and said, "Moshi moshi?"

"And who am I talking to?"

"Hiyamika Hitoruu."

"Well, Hiyamika-san, my name is Son Videl, daughter of Monde Sataan. Must I go through my entire life?"

The boy's eyes sorta went in two directions and nearly dropped the phone. She had proven her point in two lines and Goten snatched his phone back and made his own conversation with his sister.

"Well," inquisited Beijin, "is it true?"

Slowly, Hitoruu nodded. "It's her."

"Wai!!" The four heads turned back to the youngest as he shouted in excited, beaming from ear to ear. "I'm gonna be an uncle all over again!"

Grabbing Trunks arm and hauling him up, practically flipping the white metal seat onto it's back in the process, Goten smirked triumphantly at the three upper classmen. "Excuse me, but we need to fly."

Only wide eyes watched them disappear into the meld of bodies. Sasha drew her eyebrows together and frowned. Murmuring, she hissed, "K'so.. That warugaki... I don't care if he is Videl-san's brother-in-law, nobody, and I mean nobody, takes Trunks away from *me* like that.."

"Oi. Did you say something, Sash'?"

Abruptly, the magenta-haired senior turned to face Beijin, then, shaking her head, said, "Iie. I didn't say anything." Better watch that back of yours, Son Goten, because when you challange Tashiyamo Sasha, you're playing with fire...

"Oi, Goten!" shouted Trunks, laughing at his friend's over-cheerfulness. "What's the rush?"

Goten didn't answer right away, pushing his flight speed to it's limits in the direction of his brother's house. "Videl-chan is pregnant!"

Trunks nearly dive-bombed into the trees below. "Again?! Hontou? I thought they agreed to have no more kids?"

"Hai, that's what they agreed, but I guess something happened. I'm just not about to ask what." An embarrassed blush passed over his face and Goten coughed, averting his face away from Trunks' view. He may have lots of girls and some impressive male followers tailing him, but beyond kissing was not in his league of territory to dwell on, and prying into the sex life of his older brother and sister was much too much for him. Although....

A small town was coming up and the two half-saiyajin decended into the trees, running the rest of the way to the other Son household.

Videl was busily washing dishes, a task that finally needed a bit of relief in itself, despite her feeling sluggish. The plates and silverware had been ignored for the past two days and just screamed of needing to be cleaned.

She and Gohan had already explained to Pan about the baby and the responsibilities it will need from both parents. Pan understood that she might be a little neglected; heck, what mattered was that she was getting a sibling, someone to play with when Daddy, Trunks, or Goten weren't there.

Pan was also determined to get her way and have the baby named Ginger, whichever gender it turned out to be. All the two parents could do was sweatdrop.

Actually, if it is a girl, we could call it Ginger.... but if it's a boy, my vote is for Chiron.

Just then, the door burst open and Videl nearly dropped the ceramic cup she was scrubbing.


"Oi, Goten!" She was having a hard time deciding whether to be annoyed-as-hell or happy he'd care enough to come out of his way to visit, even if she just talked to him on the phone five minutes ago.

He'd definitely make things more interesting, that's for sure.

"Odin, I've been thinking.."

"About what?"

"Well, why was your growth pattern excellerated and not mine? You haven't change in appearance since the age of six and here I am, 18 and still growing."

"Tamichi could've been experimenting with me to see what would've happened. I'm just hoping whatever I am is a success."

Trunks shook his head at the whisper of burbling sounds in his ear. Just some buzzing of an insect... Nothing to worry about. And he went back to listening to the discusion between and overly excited Goten and Videl.

"Yeah, me too. Kail's alright, but he's not you."

"The comment is appreciated."

"Mmmmmm..... Odin, why did..... that.. happen?"

"What? On Thursday?"

His hand, which had been resting on his jaw, unnoticedly slid up to cover his ear. Trunks tried not to let it bother him.

"No... That thing that you can do. Why did it happen to me back then?"

"It might've been a power flux. Those scientists were getting just a bit too excited, I guess."

"Hn. .... Don't tell me they'll have to start staring at me with my top off again so I can do it again..."

Now it hurt. The buzzing, which now had transforming into garbled words, was giving him a headache. Paying attention to Goten's rushed speech was no longer possible as the pain grew. It was like there was a screen blocking the sound out and the harder it pushed to get in, the more painful it dug.

"It'll happen again someday. Maybe then you could figure how to handle it like I can."

"Hopefully..... I'm surprised Rubus didn't notice. Of course he noticed the increase in power, but not... it."

"Don't worry, Sirri. You'll shine in his eye someday and respect you like he respects me."

Sweat ran down his brow as he felt heat trickle down his palm; he pulled away to look at it. A startled gasp that wasn't his accompanied his discovery.

"Trunks! Your ear is bleeding!"

I know, was what he wanted to say, but he couldn't speak. Gods above, I need to find my Trisis.

Whatever the word meant, his heart fluttered at the shear power it gave him, like a high that beat all highs.

My Trisis. My Trisis. Come back to me. I need you....

His eyes closed and Trunks collapse out of his chair, murmuring, "Trisis," over and over again.

Bulma looked down at her son, pale and asleep for the moment. Goten and Videl had brought him over about ten minutes ago, told her what happened and then a scan was ran over him. There had been nothing wrong with him. No indication of why a blood vessle would pop like that... but sometimes, they didn't have to have one.

Bra was still worried out of her mind, even after Bulma assured her that Trunks would be alright a few minutes earlier. The youngest Briefs child wanted to see him, but Bulma wouldn't have it until she looked him over again.

Now, he still checked as fine. Buruma sighed and kiss Trunks' forehead, wondering what could've caused something like this to happen.


Two pairs of blue eyes blinked and Bulma saw that Trunks had woken. "Trunks, are you okay??"

"Yeah, sure.. Why wouldn't I be?"

"Because you fainted from a burst vessle in your head."

Trunks gave her a strange look. "Mama, that doesn't make sense. I don't rememeber that, or fainting, or anything."

Bulma sighed loudly and threw her hands up. "If you say so, but Videl and Goten are witnesses... Anyway, rest. I'll be back soon."

Trunks didn't say anything when she left, but looked out the window when she did.


Sirri drew her eyebrows together, but also raised them in a curious/suspicious look and looked around the training room, searching... "Hey, Odin? Did you hear that?"

Odin opened his glowing eyes and looked over his shoulder at the girl pressed up against him, back to back. "No, I didn't. What did you hear?"

"I heard..... Someone was calling out 'Trisis'. What do you think?"

The blonde shrugged. "Never heard of the word... or name, if that's what it is."

"Hmm... Oh well, I guess I just imagined it." She stood up and stretched tightly, yawning. "Meditation's over for me..."

"It's hardly been an hour, Siir," said Odin, shaking his head with a sigh. "You never were one to purify your soul."

Sirri winked. "Hey, what's to purify? I'm spunky, I'm cute, and I know when to quit, unlike a certain bald man whose name shall not be mentioned."

Odin frowned at that. "When's the last time you've seen Rubus? Or Kail, for that matter."

The dark haired child stopped her joking behavior and stared hard at her partner. "I... I haven't seen Rubus since that party and Kail since you called for him the same night..."

"Exactly." He rose, stretching his legs. "I haven't seen hind nor hair of them."

No Rubus and Kail? No Kail means no tattling to Daddy and no Rubus means... "....Freedom. We can leave here!"

Odin's eyes widened. "You can't be serious! They have machines to track us and chemicals that can immobilize us and if Rubus and Kail came back to discover we're gone, they hunt us down!"

"But you're more powerful than them!" Without waiting for his negative retort to this beautiful situation, Sirri grabbed Odin by the hand and dragged him out of the training room. Down the halls and corridors they ran, upturning carts and knocking down people as they went.

Only when they reached the main doors did the sirens start blaring. The pair burst through and imediating jumped into the air, taking to the clouds all in a matter of seconds.

Odin flew beside Sirri and turned the tables, grabbing her arm. She gave him a quick, horrified expression at him, but was quickly reassured when he said, "I'm just making sure you don't pull of a few acrobatics in your first flight outdoors."

Sirri nodded, smiling happily at the open sky she had seen only threw her bedroom window. It was a great feeling, to finally fly free, without the restrictions of walls and elders who keep you down. A flock of pteradactyls passed, unaware of the flying humans as they eyed the giant fish in the watery pools below.

Odin started their decent to the ground, Sirri only a bit puzzled as she followed, having no choice in the matter, really. "But Odin, why?..."

When they touched down on the soft grass of a river bank, the blonde sat down and closed his eyes. "We've just escaped from a scientific laboratory, where their hound dogs are Rubus and Kail. I doubt they were killed by anything... Otherwise, Tamichi would cancelled the project related to us. You know he would've then tried to assimilate us into the population."

"So what? Why stop here when we should keep going?"

"Because our scent is our ki. If we had kept flying, they would've followed with no remorse... at least from Rubus. Kail... I don't know anymore. He fights with his father and disobeys him at times, but he's more loyal to him than he is to us, no matter how good of friends we three are.."

Sirri frowned sadly and dropped down next to him. "I understand... and we kinda left in a hurry, didn't we? Guess I messed up."

"Only a little." He chuckled. "Don't worry about it."

She nodded, but wasn't about to stop worrying. What seemed like a great idea at the time became a disaster. But look on the bright side. This is the freashest air you've ever breathed. Drawing her knees up, she poked at an individual grass blade. "So now what? We're ill-prepared, to say the least..."

Odin shrugged. "We have water right there and that means fish have got to be somewhere. The woods have animals..."

"But Odin, we've never hunted before."

"Trial and error."

Sirri blinked. "You really want to hunt, don't you?"

"Don't you?"

"........A little."

Although, Sirri's stomach started to growl then; Odin raised a gold eyebrow. She make a face. "So how do we start?"

A few hours later, the sun was half way hidden by the horizon and dusk was starting to settle. There had been no sign of anyone living around this area or anyone hunting to return them to the Nahomi Capsule Corps. building back in whatever town it was located in.

The two escapees were sitting by a fire they had made with leaves, sticks, and a tiny, tiny ki blast. Their skin was damp from the earlier attempt at fishing... and so were the majority of their clothes, due to a failed try at catching a fish.

The single fish they did land however was now a pile of head, tail, bones, and bowels. Both were sated for the moment, but the situation disrupted the schedule they had been put on for as long as they could remember. Eat, and then work it all off with a training session. But what do you do when that's not possible?

Make fun of earlier incidences.

"It wasn't that funny."

"Of course it wasn't.. It was histerical."

Sirri barely her teeth and growled, but Odin only smirked smugly. "You literally jumped twenty feet out of the water."

"Hmph! You would've too if you had been up close and personal with that..... thing!"

Odin covered his mouth to hide the smile. Sirri had been the first to trying her skill at fishing. There had been no fish in sight, but when she turned her head to look in another direction, she had come face to face with a pair of black eyes and many small, yet still large, teeth. The only thing that had stayed dry in that ordeal was Odin himself, the trees fifteen feet away from the water's edge, and her black trench coat (which was left back upstream). It was the only item of clothing that covered her at the moment; everything else was still drying. He couldn't help but laugh, no matter how hard he tried to prevent it.

"Oh, shut up!"

Two raven haired youths stood chest to chest, looking out at the burning civilization below them and the cliff they stood on. The same fire reflected in their eyes. Those flame-against-nothingness windows told nothing but destruction and death, far moreso than any of their kind.

Dark deeds were their games and sometimes, they would play them with their own people, laughing gleefully as elders, women, and children screamed in withered agony.

Those people had taken their beloved parents away, the ones that reaped in the acomplishments of this terrible twosome. Death the hands of their king, for breeding such demons.

It only fueled their need for destruction, for revenge.

Life was their gameboard and everyone was a pawn. Ah, they listened to no one, but took on complex and challenging missions. Freeza loved them.

The female smirked over at her partner. "Must we destroy just one? It's not fair."

The male glanced back with a frown. "It's his orders. We please only Freeza."

"Then he better give us better orders or I'll annihilate something for him: that oversized ship of his."

The male smirked and pulled her to him, eyes shining a different fire. "Maybe I should put some of that excess energy to good use." He bit at her neck suggestively.

She purred softly and wrapped her tail around his thigh. "I like where your thoughts are going... Feed me some ideas."

"Of course, my Trisis...."

"My Kinru."

Trunks woke up abruptly, stiff and staring wildly at the ceiling afraid to move. Just a dream... Only a dream... Only...

The teen lay like that until his watch on his nightstand beeped the arrival of the hour. He found the ability to look at his clock not even a few feet away.

One a.m. exactly.

He cursed and rolled over, burying part of his face into his pillow. Who is Trisis?

The name only popped up that afternoon, but it's been haunting him ever since Videl's house. Although, when he told Bulma he didn't remember anything, he wasn't lying nor was he telling the truth. Those voices, or one in particular, had brought up... images that resembled a man he didn't know being blown up into gorey pieces while a woman got her legs chopped off, then her arms, then her waist, and finally, her head. A tail had swung behind both of them, a monkey's tail.

A tear ran down into the pillow sheet. Trunks felt oddly drawn towards them, but he couldn't describe it at all. Sympathy, yeah, for the brutality in their execution, but something else too.


That sounded right, but still.... Trunks sighed and closed his eyes. Tomorrow was only Sunday and he could spend his spare time thinking about it then.