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They say the world turns
around you when you're in love,
otherwise you're a little lost star
all alone in the vast coldness of space.

                     -- Jamie Kaiser

Chapter 1

"Trunks-kun! Where are you?!"

Son Goten wandered aimlessly around the small clearing they had found. It was in the middle-- actually, it was a little ways from the edge-- of the woods, where they had been watching their fathers spar in the large valley beyond the foliage. Boredom had settled into them; Trunks was the one who had suggested exploring the trees and ran off first, leaving Goten to chase after him.

Now, Goten waded through knee-high grass, searching for the pale-haired boy who had disappeared. "Tru~unks! C'mon!"

Behind the eight year old half Saiyajin, Trunks sat comfortably on the branch of a tree, watching the spikey-haired boy run around below him. It was a game to the young prince of no kingdom, one where he would wait, tackle, and say, 'Tag, you're it, Goten-chan.' .. Goten hated that nickname.

"Trunks!! Where'd you go?!" The voice had a whine to it now, and the boy in question frowned. Better not wait too long. That would be mean.

Goten cupped his hands around his mouth and walked at the same. If he hadn't've done that, he might have actually watched where he was going. The black-eyed boy tripped over, what he first thought it was, a log. "Ow.. man, that stinks." However, there was movement under his legs, and Goten stiffened, slowly turning his head to see what he really had fell over.

A mop of short-cropped dark purple hair stuck out from under him, covering over a face with closed eyes, the body curled up beneath him, fast asleep. But what Goten didn't realize was that this person was /only/ sleeping, and apparently still asleep, which struck him as odd and the first thing that came mind was, A dead body!!

Trunks grew alert when he heard the horrified screams of his best friend and leaped out of his tree, racing towards the source as Goten backed up into him, crab walking backwards, still shouting out Trunks' name. "Goten! What's wrong??"

The innocent boy looked up at who he had bumped into and scrambled up to his feet, hiding behind Trunks' body. "There'sadeadbodyoverthere!!"

Now, both Trunks and Goten had seen death, so why should a body matter? Because, coward, you never stuck around long enough to look at one up close. Cautiously, Trunks stepped closer to the patch of green plants that obscured his view of this.. body.

Brushing them aside, Trunks couldn't help but give a surprised gasp. The body was that of a child like them, donned in a grey, hooded sweatshirt about four sizes too big, no shoes, and pants that looked like part of a gi, like the ones he wore. He picked up a stick from off of the ground, not all that thrilled in touching it himself, and slowly poked the person's shoulder for a brief second. No reaction. As the boy listen to Goten's frantic whispers and small sobs about the body being dead in the middle of the woods, he did it again, harder, maybe trying to roll it over.

The person made a small noise and Trunks recoiled, surprised if anything. "Goten... Goten!"

Sob. "What?"

"It's alive!"

Goten blinked, sniffled, rubbed his long sleeve over his eyes, and crept over to eye the body; Trunks was still poking at it. "Hontou?"

As to prove the point, the person in question groaned and rolled over on it's own accord onto it's back. Both boys blinked. ".. I think.. it's a girl."

"What's a girl doing in the middle of the forest?"

"How should I know?"

"Wake her up, Trunks."

"Why me? She might have cooties or rabies or.. or... some disease thing! You wake her up!"

"No way!"

"You found her! She's your responsibility!"

"Sago masthran ikva crrrostan!"

The half Saiyajin snapped their heads back towards the little girl, only to see her staring up at them with large, scared, black eyes. "Esdagujaek versamol sii kocnalu, serghua nozege tuucha!"

Goten stared dumbfoundedly and Trunks put both of his fists on his hips, curiosity piqued at the alien words she spoke. "Umm.. Hi. .. Do you speak.. our langu'ge? Yes? No?"

A timid blush crossed her face and she looked ready to pout. "I'm.. I'm sorry. You two woke me up and scared me."

Trunks put on a roguish smile and cocked his head up. "Well, we didn't know what to think. My friend here thought you were dead and you didn't wake up when he screamed."

"Hey!" Goten puffed up, annoyed at the accusation. "She looked dead! How was I supposed to know she was sleeping?"

"You check her pulse."

"... How do you do that?"

"You take two fingers and press them on your neck. If you can't find any beating, then your dead. Like this." The pale haired boy followed his own instructions, then blinked. "I can't find your pulse, Goten."

"Wahhh! What does that mean?!"

"You're dead."

The shorter boy sank to the ground and cried uncontrollably, sprays of salt water shooting out of the corners of his eyes. But then there was another hand on his neck, and he stopped to open his eyes. A giggling face was in his view. "Silly. You have a pulse. Your friend was just check'ng the wrong place."

Goten blinked, then felt around the area the girl had been pressing against. "Hontou?! Yay! I'm not dead!"

Trunks smiled and the girl giggled. Goten stopped his cheer then and looked from his friend, to the new comer. Something seemed... weird.. about them now. Goten tilted his head to the side, blinking. They looked... Well, only one thing would make sure of that. What would get them mad? He then grinned and gave a peace sign, saying coyly, "Hey Trunks! You like her, don't you?"

That sent them both glaring at each other, death threats on their eyes, but the words running out of their mouths?

"She's a girl! They got cooties!"

"Ew! I wouldn't like him! He's ugly! He's got purple hair!"

"It's not purple! It's lav'nder!... And you've got funny lookin' hair too!"

"Me?! My hair ain't funny looki'g!"

As they bickered and squabbled, Goten couldn't help but stare at them. I was right! IwasrightIwasrightIwasright!!! He laughed out loud and jumped up, punching the air, which gave him a bewildered audience of two. He stopped in mid leap and gave a sheepish smile, imitating his father when he's nervous. "Well, see, when you guys have the same express'in on, it's like--"

"Cha'go! Sirri no conaso de garii!!"

The booming voice rattled the trees, rebounding off the leaves, and magnifying the effect. All three stiffened, startled, but the girl looked terrified. "I gotta go no time to explain maybe I'll see you again sayonara!" And she was running in the opposite direction the voice seemed to have come from. There was no time, as she said, to even move before a blur cut throw the clearing and, seemingly, raced after her.

After that, the woods were dead silent. The two boys blinked, not entirely sure about following or even what just happened.

"Uhhh..... Was it me or did we just miss something?"

"Let's go home, Trunks.. It's probably close to lunch time. Otouchan and Vegeta-san might be done by now."

"Yeah..." But even with that said, they were hesitant to leave. However, after a minute, both were levitating and flying back towards the Son household, occasionally looking over their shoulder at the thinning wood.

Years later...

"Get your filty hands off of me, Rubus!"

The man snorted and continued carrying his captive by the waist, ultimately having no trouble with the squirming child. "18 years and you're still resisting... When will you learn that you don't mess around with me!"

"When I learn who I am!"

An undignified snort. "Yeah right..."

The man, Rubus, turned a corner down the hospital-like corridor and kicked open the double doors imediately on his right. The room on the other side was large. I'm not talking 10x10x10. I'm talking 40x40x70. The walls were white and padded about seven feet from the floor up, where one person (of the group of four they belonged to) had parked himself.

The ceiling had a skylight, glaring in the afternoon sun. The floor was padded as well, and in the center of the room was the last member, calmly sitting cross-legged on the soft ground, eyes closed and relaxed.

Rubus dropped the girl on the floor and locked the doors behind them. While he did that, the girl picked herself up from the floor, a little discoordinated, and more than a little flushered. She got to her feet and pulled down at the black trench coat she wore, embarrassed at the people who saw that little display. "You need to find a better way to keep hauling me around, Rubus!"

"If you'd cooperate a little more, as well as know that this is your only future and not those paintings, that wouldn't be a god damn problem, Sirri."

Sirri snorted and looked to the man farthest from her for comfort. He was the one up against the wall, liquid greenish blue eyes shimmering with the power he held. His blonde hair stood upright in thick spikes, which wavered slightly as he pushed himself off of the wall. His lean body movements silenced both Sirri and Rubus, but not the man that still sat on the floor, who spoke out from his meditation. "Why do we still do this. It's not like we can do anything to change what happened."

Rubus frowned, then knit his eyebrows in anger. "We can change things. Maybe not how... /he/," he spat, "did, but we've got the power." Rubus was a tall man, the tallest among them and bulky with muscle, but not to the point that strength is all that he thinks about. He was bald, but his hair color showed in the mustache and goatee on his face. "We're superior over them, Kail. They've become soft hearted."

Kail finally opened his eyes and gaze out of the corner with the same glassy black irises that Rubus possessed. "Don't forget what saga he comes from." He started to levitate off of the ground and gracefully set his feet back down. Kail's hair was mohawk-like, spiked upwards in coarse black clumps. Starting high on his forehead and ending short on the nape of his neck, yet it still didn't end there. A long, thin ponytail ran down his back and cut off at his knees. "You're fooling yourself, father. We don't stand a chance... even with Odin. All this training you put us through is pointless."

And while those two fought over who was right, the blonde man, Odin, made his way over to Sirri. Her height made her the shortest, but everything else made her stand out. Her hair was thin, waist-length, and pulled back, as always. The hue wasn't too out-of-place, a dark blue-purple color, except is was natural coloring and only so many types of people had that kind of gene. Obsidian-colored eyes spoke of mixed emotions, especially curiosity. A curiosity of who she really was. Odin rarely spoke to anyone and it mostly went her way. "How's the scroll coming?"

"Perfectly," she said, looking up at him. "It should be done in about two days if interuptions like training didn't occur."

"Hn." The blonde offered a smile. "Yeah... It's still nice to know I'm not the only artist."

Sirri chuckled softly. "I doubt Tamichi-san would let you get off the hook by being just a fighter. He's got that nature-loving aura about him.."

"Well, the man must love nature enough to go against it. He made us, after all."

She nodded and matched Odin's frown. A genetically engineered being... The both of us. That's what makes us so alike.

"--you need to keep your head straight! I can /feel/ them! The golden power belongs to them. None of us have that!"

"Not yet, at least."

Kail growled and muttered, "You're impossible.. and so it that dream. We can't reach that power."

Rubus glared and was about to retaliate, but Odin stepped in with a scowl. "Stop arguing! This is a training session, not cross talk. So, start training."

And they did.

"You are just the cuuuuutest guy." Giggle.

"Yeah... Here's my number." Batting of the eyelashes.

"Mine too." Kiss on the air.

Son Goten chuckled, blushing, but loving every minute the girls clung to him. "Well then, we'll see who get's called first."

The two teenagers giggled again, winking seductively at the saiyan-human offspring and went on there way. Goten pocketed the sheets of paper and sighed, flustered.

"I still don't believe you're the pimp of the school."

Goten automatically put on his 'cheerful' face, flashed a victory sign at the approaching lavender-haired youth, and sweatdropped. "Neither can I. Always though you'd woo the girls before I ever did."

Trunks smiled and both wandered down to their lockers. "So, we're on for this saturday, right?.. Or did you plan a date over it?" It was a mild surprise that Goten shook his head. What came out of his mouth was the real shocker. "Nope, we're on. No dates."

Stopping infront of his locker, Trunks turned the combination lock as he said, "You sure? I coulda swore you asked Sarogi out this weekend."

"Nah. Sarogi's not my type."

"Then what is your type?.... And if you say my sister, I'm going to obliterate you."

Goten scratched the back of his head, the sheepish grin back on his face. "Hey hey. Bra's off limits, I know, no matter how much she likes me. Personally, I hope it's a phase.. and besides, I know if you don't castrate and behead me first, Vegeta-sama will with zero mercy."

"Well..." droned Trunks, wearing a smirk, "that's one this that me and my father will ever admit to in being alike."

Goten plucked his own book from his friend's locker and crammed the rest of them in. "Will he agree to looks?"

The boy snorted and grabbbed a notebook, then slammed the small door closed. "Are you kidding? With this hair and eyes? All I've got from him is his face, and even that reminds him of Okaasan."

"Not when you scowl or get pissed," Goten snickered. "You really look like him then."

Trunks rolled his eyes and allowed Goten to haul him off by the arm as he said, "C'mon, Trunks-kun. Time to go pick the girls up."

"Yeah yeah..."