Ladle, Ladle, Rock the Cradle

The story DBRM (Dragonball Righteous Moments) is an A/U that takes the place of DBGT and focuses on the relationship between Goten and Trunks (yes, shounen-ai) and an original character that winds up in the middle of it all. It also focuses on character development more than fighting, but what's a DBZ story without some ultra-powerful, super-duper, totally /useless/ opponents tearing the universe apart? ^^ ...Except I use them to push along said development. Hah! Take that, you nasty little 2-D creations! You can help people!

In Ladle, Ladle, Rock the Cradle, Piccolo spins the tale, to Gohan, of a Namek who once slipped into a coma and died, only to have his soul trapped in the dream world. Soon afterwards, a serpentine dragon with a shadowed rider is seen in the twins' dream, where their inner ferosity is revealed. This dragon can grant a wish that lasts only a week; what kind of wish can make a difference in a week?

Warnings: affectionate twincest, shounen-ai

Original characters introduced: Rune, Jian-Chang, Son Chiron (unborn)

Existing couples: Gokou/Chichi, Vegeta/Bulma, Gohan/Videl, Kuririn/Juuhachi-gou, Trunks+Sirri, Trunks/Goten/Sirri

A/N: o.0 I personally think that this title is the most fun to say. C'mon, say, "Ladle, Ladle, Rock the Cradle" out loud.

See what I mean?