Searching for You-
A Sixth Super Saiyajin

Well, the title has always lied, but it was the original one about... four years ago? o.O Maybe three. Either way, :B I still like it, as lame as it is.

The story DBRM (Dragonball Righteous Moments) is an A/U that takes the place of DBGT and focuses on the relationship between Goten and Trunks (yes, shounen-ai) and an original character that winds up in the middle of it all. It also focuses on character development more than fighting, but what's a DBZ story without some ultra-powerful, super-duper, totally /useless/ opponents tearing the universe apart? ^^ ...Except I use them to push along said development. Hah! Take that, you nasty little 2-D creations! You can help people!

Searching for You is actually the first, and short, installment of an epic. There has been a Saiyajin, aside from Gokou and the others, who has been living on Earth for years without detection. He wants to make his move against the golden warriors, but a complication arises suddenly and the plan must be moved along or risk everything being ruined.

Warnings: very, very light twincest (love between twin siblings) in later chapters

Original characters introduced: Miura Shoin, Miura Sirri, Rubus, Odin, Kail, Hitotsugi Saori

Existing couples: Gokou/Chichi, Vegeta/Bulma, Gohan/Videl, Kuririn/Juuhachi-gou, one-sided Pan/Trunks, one-sided Saori/Trunks, one-sided Odin/Sirri

A/N: This story is unbeta-ed, so all mistakes are my fault. .... *pouts* I want a spellchecker.

On the other hand, you will notice that even though a name is spelled differently (Gokou, Kuririn, etc) from what you are normally used to (Goku, Krillin, etc), they are still technically correct. If you comment on this (because I have /seen/ people get ape-shite over it), you are a very shallow person. ^_^

A/N2: Also, I know 'rubus' isn't a vegetable; it's a fruit (it somehow relates to blackberries, but I forgot how), but I was sorta lacking un-retarded sounding veggies. And 'kail' is officially another spelling for 'kale', which is a cabbage. ^^; See what you can learn from reading your dictionary all the time?

A/N3: As for writing quality, it starts to go down towards chapter three (trust me, I know what I'm talking about. =p I wrote it after all). It's rushed and forced passsed then, but I /really/ just want to finish this part so I can move on to something more crucial in the storyline. I mean, I've been working on this one piece for... four years? Five? And chapter five has been sitting there for almost a whole year, just... very disgustingly.

So, I hope you can forgive me. ;.;

(Last one, I promise!)
A/N4: And /yes/, the summary does go with the story. You just discover the reason why much farther down the road, when *spoiler!* =P *razz* If you do not have patience, then you can discontinue reading and/or hunt me down, stick a handgun at my head, and ask politely as to why this is so.

And while you're at it, might as well ask what the plot will lead to. ^_^;;; And please, if are gonna point a gun at my head, make sure it's not loaded. It would be very bad if your finger slipped and my brains wound up splattered against the wall to my right. You would be very disliked with the people who are currently interested in this story.

....Are there? 0.o;; *is willing to bet that's a big fat no, since they all stopped by the third note*

Big, but oh so subtle changes in the storyline (aka my creative licence at work):
Shenron is able to wish individuals back to life after a year, but /not/ with general groups, such as 'all the the people Freeza killed'. He's also not allowed to resurrect souls directly from hell (somewhat important later on); anywhere from heaven, limbo, and the check-in station is fair game, however.

Yamucha and Tien has been taking part in the Tenkaichi Budoukai (World Martial Arts Tournament) up until now (with the exception of Buu's).

Chibi Trunks was about three months old when Mirai Trunks returns (born in Feb. 767), which hardly affects the canon storyline. [age 18]

Goten was conceived during those ten days before the Cell Games (born in Dec. 767), still making Trunks roughly a year older than him. [age 17]

Marron is 4 years younger than Trunks (born in 771) and 4 years older than Bra. [age 14]

Bra is one year older than Pan (born in 775), 8 years younger than Trunks. [age 10]

Pan was born when Gohan and Videl were 19 (776), through accidental conception, making her 9 years younger than Trunks (and on a lesser note, illegitimate). [age 9]

These are all very important to the storyline and everything will be explained in due time.