What do you get when you're bored, involved with many fandoms, and wanna see two (or more) people from different anime or video games pair off? Ever ponder the similarities between the Genomes and Saiyajin? Or just wonder who'd get Hiei if Kurama was two different people?

Then do what I'm doing. Write a huge @$$ mega crossover with all the delights you want! ^_^ The main theme of mine is a land were multiple gods rule the lands of humans, dragons, demons, and other such oddities. How many x-overs are involved so far? 55+ fandoms (and still counting x____x *groan*) currently with only /1/ original character made by me... but then again, he's a soulbound I've had for quite a while.

The main characters are from Digimon, Daisuke and Miyako. =P Don't jump to conclusions; whatever you're thinking, it's most likely wrong.

Warnings: Yaoi, yuri, hetero couples! Violence, bad language, a quest, magic, dragons, fire, love triangles, cute little fuzzy creatures, insanity, old men, quarrelling gods, and the sexiest couple in the whole fycking universe!

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by: Luna Tiger

Chapter 1

Chapter 2