Water-dwellers are the children of Cye and Ami. Having no real parents themselves, both have no stable genetic codes, so their offspring can vary from prefect humans to hideous sea creatures.

Leviathan- the eldest. A winged serpant that glides in, as well as over, the water like he's apart of it. He's the messenger between his parents and Heaven. He's also a student of the sleeping Seiryuu, the Guardian of the East Sea.

Sago- the Oceanic Prince.

Michiru- the eldest daughter. She's a water nymph with the privilege to turn from a mer-creature to a halfling, to a full human. She is the wife of Queen Haruka.

Jyou- a lost son. He's Cye's only, born in a seaside town to a family of mortals. His Guiding Companion is Gomamon.

Sakura- the eldest of four 'sisters' classified as only mermaids. Dewgong is her childhood playmate. For she cannot speak the human language, a human girl called her Daisy.

Ayame- the second sister mermaid. Starmie is her childhood playmate. An elderly man once called her Violet.

Botan- the third sister mermaid. Horsea is her childhood playmate. A middle aged woman once saved her after being beached and called her the Lily of the Sea.

Kasumi- the fourth sister mermaid, reject, and Goddess of the Mist. Kasumi is unlike her sisters, for she likes being rough, instead of gentle. Lapras is her partner and together, they create the Mists that hang the Ocean skies in the morning.

Tidus- a merman.

Zarbon- the very human-like fish man. He has more of the lizard-like in him and has the power to transform from beast, to undersea beauty, to human, all at will.

Mutio- a raspy siren. She cannot speak the human language.

Mikau, Lulu, Evan, Tijo- four creatures known as the Zora. They are very musically inclined.

Alters- a small army of anthro-morphers. There are eight in total, seven that have banded. The slithery one, Repteel, hates his relations with the others and has taken refuge far into the Unknown Depths. They can change from humaniod animals to humans with animal-features. They have two identities: that which is used under the sea (scientific names) and those that are used in the Antro-city (human names).

Rip- sapphire blue hair, black eyes
Blades- sky-blue hair, black eyes, purple stripes
Baj- brown hair, black eyes
Masulm- sandy brown hair, copper eyes
Jerome- mignight blue hair, red eyes
Moby- black hair, white spots, black eyes
Rox- black hair, light blue eyes

Quadruplets- Leonardo (blue), Raphael (red), Donnetello (violet), Michaelangelo (gold)
younger sister- Mei Pei Chi (silver)