Dilandau - Priest to Dorothy
Allen Schezar- temple knight

Folken - Priest to Bahamut
Takao Dragoon- temple knight

Fujimiya Momiji - Priestess to Terra Envy
Fujimiya Kaede - Priestess to Terra Vesper
Kusanagi- temples' knight

Kisaragi Godo - High Priest to Blank
Kisaragi Yuffie - Priestess to Blank

Kyou Koga - High Priest to Blues
Kyou Anzu - Priestess to Blues

Merle - Priestess to Ryo
??- temple knight

Okuda Takiko - Genbu and Ebon-wu/Xian-wu
M. Draciel- temple knight

Oosugi Suzuno - Byakko, Baihumon, and Byakkuen
Shenlong (nekojin)- temple knight

Pai Parvati - Priestess to Aeris
(Zack in disguise) Zax Kishini- temple knight

Shuten Banuis - general temple priest (mage/advisor)

Son Pan - Priestess to Usagi
Radditsu- temple knight

Ten'oh Yui - Seiryuu, Quinlongmon, Azulongmon, and Lugia
Nakago- temple knight

Trista Meioh - Priestess of Ultimecia
Rini Inukist- future priestess
Seifer Almasy- temple knight

"Twilight Suzuka" - Priestess to Kayura
??- temple knight

Yuki Miaka - Suzaku, Zhuqiaomon, and Houou
Kai Dranzer- temple knight

needed: Kale, Heero/Duo, Seiji, Seph, Tsunami/Tenchi, Ko, Tiger, Myuutsu

Aeris' temple was the first to start the temple knight tradition, as that seems the relationship between Aeris and Zack. The others slowly began adopting them, even if their priest/ess was able to take care of oneself; that's just an added bonus.

The temples to Blank and Blues lack knights, for their tradition is if the priestesses cannot defend themselves, then they are not worthy to be a priest.

The temple to Seiryuu is in the middle of a prosperous desert kingdom, who pray to him for rain when it's needed. Michiru lives there.

Folken is a Draconian, Takao is human.

Shuten is the priest to a temple that prays to the gods in general.

The priestesses to the Terras' believe that Kusanagi, the son of Envy, is their knight and do not ask for the employee of one.