Mogs - small, white, dancing creatures with pompoms on their heads normally found celebrating the world when you come across them. Either known as mogs or moogles, depending on what part of the world you live in.

   •Artemecion- A moogle with a light violet coat and a tendencies to be lazy.

   •Mene- A responsible mog that cares for injured animals and tends to avoid civilization.

Fae - Small creatures either six inches tall or six feet tall. They grow wings after their 150th birthday, but then, they are permenantly trapped in their normal height (below half a foot). Also called Faeries (east), Elves (North), and Pixies (South), depending on location.

   •Lady Une- a Fae with a split personality so random, even she doesn't know which is really her, though she tends to stay on her nice side.

   •Rufus Shinra- a Pixie who prefers to attempt blending in with the human crowd, but it normally doesn't work. His father is the dicator of the Sothern Pixies.
   •Reno- one of Rufus' bodyguards. Not neat or orderly and likes Elven mead.
   •Tseng- another of Rufus' bodyguards who has had duty beaten into him by Ruf's father.
   •Rude- the third member of Ruf's bodyguards. He's bald and silent.
   •Elena- the last member of the bodyguards. She likes Tseng.
   •Impa- a Pixie who owes her alligence to Zelda.

   •Legolas- an Elf with a swift hand and Robin Hood's archery skills. He's a tracker, a prince, and most importantly ladies, he's single.
   •Link- a young Elf just maturing into a man, he's Legolas' younger brother who's archery skill are out-mastered by his talents with a sword.
   •Saria- a maiden Elf who is Link's best friend. Her power to talk with the forest is well craved by rivaling kingdoms.
   •Scarlet- an Elf waging war against nearly everyone.

   •Zelda- the princess of the Eastern Faeries prefers peace and happiness and believes that the Kushinada twins will one day deliever the Terra's Voice to all Little Folk.
   •Sheik- a Faerie guard to Zelda with a marvelous skill with the lyre. A Sheikahn clansmen.