Monkey tails are a cursed bunch of people who were too uncivilized in a civilized world. The gods punished them by giving them tails, simple reminders that they were, and will always be, no better than a monkey.

Saiyajin- Saiyans are very masculine and are more powerful than the genomes. The tail colors range from dark brown, black, dark red, and reddish brown.

Genomejin- Genomes have a very feminine build and lighter colored tails, ranging from light brown, tan, near white, pearly, and (rarely) light grey. Most are females, but there are some male exceptions.

Vegeta- the stone-faced king. He's the current king and the seventh generation of tailed kings. In hopes of breaking the curse, he had taken a human for a wife, but to no avail. He's a saiyan.

Bulma- the human queen. Umm... I'll figure it out.

Torankusu- the warrior prince. He's the halfling saiyan heir to the throne and Mikoto's champion. He's the eldest of Vegeta's three children and the only male.

Mikoto- the princess everyone wants. She strives to be strong like her brother, despite her being half genome. She's the second oldest and the elder daughter.

Bura- Vegeta's weakness. She's Daddy's Little Princess and what he cherishes most in life. She's the youngest child and daughter, as well as half saiyan.

Nappa- the dumb brute. He's the bodyguard to Bura, Bulma, and Vegeta and normally the first line of defense before having to battle Vegeta. He's a saiyan.

Kuja- the pretty boy. He's a powerful mage and a force to be feared, yet he's normally underestimated because of the appearance a genome has. He also advises Vegeta when it's necessary.

Bardock- the testy general. He's was the late King's war chief and now serves his son. He's a saiyan.

Radditz- the priestess' watcher. He's Bardock's first son and is the bodyguard to his great-niece, Pan. He's a saiyan.

Kakarrotto- the dragon's monkey. He's the Dragon Rider of the Legendary Shenlong, a green-snake dragon. He was lost when he was a child and raised by Son Gohan. Gohan called him Gokou. He married a human and is a saiyan.

Son Gohan- the scholar's dream. He's the first son of Gokou and raised as a human, despite his tail. He has the makings of a Dragon Rider, having had a partner, the Hiya dragon, but his mother won't allow it. He married a human and is half saiyan.

Son Goten- the strongest of all. He was raised as a human, but his Saiyajin blood called for him to fight, until he became very note-worthy. He has a very special bond with animals and can overpower even Vegeta, after a test had been demonstrated. He is half saiyan.

Son Pan- Usagi's channeller. She's Gohan's daughter and the priestess of Usagi and prays for the light of the moon to strengthen them. She's 1/4 genome.

Zidane Tribal- the tailed Robin Hood. He's quick and stealthy and likes to travel a lot. His obsession is the princess Mikoto. He's a genome.