The Divine Ones fall under two catagories: the Tenshi (angels) and Akutenshi (dark angels). The Tenshi are the children of Tenchi and Tsunami and the Akutenshi are the children of Kale and Kayura. The Tenshi themselves fall under two sets themselves: the ones of the light and the night, generally depicted by what color their wings.

Zechs - the winged messanger. He is the messanger of Heaven and is the eldest of the Tenshi. After an argument with his eldest younger brother, he was sent to earth, reborn as the pacifist prince, Milliardo Peacecraft. He's an angel of the light.

Yue - the guardian power. He is the cold and passive Tenshi that guards the gates of Heaven. In all his loneliness, he fell in love with a human boy named Tori Avalon, who unfortunately loved another named Julian. After an argument with Zechs, he was sent to earth reborn as a gentle, loving child named Tsukishiro Yukito. He's an angel of the light.

Darkside - the sureal cure. He's the insightful, yet near-silent who heals the insomnia of people who are redeemed by Helios or preforms a Dream Renewal, which wards off Furies and refreshes the mind. He's an angel of the night.

Serenity - the tranquil guidance. Her realm is that of Fate and sets mortals on their paths of destiny, although she's unaware of what that destiny is. She goes by the name Tsukino Selena when she walks the earth. She's an angel of the light.

Kuronue - the crafty trickster. He's the shadow in the corner of your bedroom at night, waiting to frighten your subconscious. His posse includes Youko Kurama, the Kagemusha twins, and his Dark-crawler priest, Xelloss. He's an angel of the night.

Venus - the blind love. She's the patron who rules over the arrows of love, whether platonic, sexual, family and trusting. She's depicted as wearing a blindfold and normally, the other gods avoid her when she's being trigger happy. Those arrows can be a really pain... and not just in the butt. On the earth, she calls herself Aino Minako. She's an angel of the light.

Karin - the raven mistress. She's the one the Dark-crawlers worship, as she's the one that conducts the peaceful symphony of the night. She's an angel of the night.

Emilio - the holy darkness. Bizarrely, he is a halfling angel, of both the light and the night. Unpredictable and unstable, his parents regrettably had to lock him away, for his own good.

Setsuna - the lunatic's nightmare. His counterpart is Darkside, as Setsuna is responsible of plaging humans in sport, driving them to maddness. He's an angel of the night.

Alexander - the vengence knight. He's the youngest of the ten children and has taken to divine smiting with a holy sword. Normally taken to dealing with those thinking they are gods, but there are exceptions. He's an angel of the light.

Shiro - the warrior wolf. He's the eldest of the Akutenshi and has a cruel streak in him. A quirk about him is running with a pack of mortal wolves that were once loners.

Eboshi - misery's company. An Akutenshi with no love for the creatures under Kale and Kayura's touch, especially the wolves. She's been secretly plotting their demise. She is also inlove with Yamato.

(Ichijouji) Ken - the earth-bound demian. He's a demi-god planted on earth as an outcast. The son of both Kale and Kayura, he was born lacking special abilities, but turned out to be a Dragon Rider with Bahamut's permission. Wormmon is his Guide.

Chihaya- the black angel of righteous traits.

Kagetsuya- the white angel of evil hearts.

Messiah- the silver angel of ancient commandments.

They were born as seals to the human world, older than the All Creators and their parents and their grand-parents. They are the eternal figures of the winged ones, but also hold a rivalry among themselves... mainly for Chihaya.