Glacens are a race of beings that manipulate cold and ice. They were first created from snowmen Ami once created and made into flesh by Aeris. They are very isolated being, pressing dislike for outsiders as well as anyone who wants to leave the kingdom

Koorudo- the horned king. He's tall and has adapted to surviving the harsh weather conditions. He's also tailed.

Shiva- the Ice Maiden. She's the queen and dislikes the idea of restricting cultural melting pots.

Coora- The First Prince of the Glacens.

Freezer- The Second Prince of the Glacens.

Yukina- the greatest Ice healer. She's Kall-su's mother and coaches Lorelei in her practice.

Kall-su- the banished child. He was placed into exile after attempting to murder Koorudo at the young age of 8, swayed into a plot as an innocent decoy. It failed, and Kall-su was punished, because the names he gave were false ones supplied by the conspirators.

Hikitsu- the snake charmer. A body guard to Shiva.

Tomite- the icicle archer. Another bodyguard to Shiva.

Pryce- the twins' grandfather. He trains Prima into being a great warrior.

Yanagi- the twins' father. (In reality, just the japanese name for Pryce).

Kanna- the twins' mother. (In reality, just the japanese name of Lorelei).

Prima- the older twin. She's the warrior.

Lorelei- the younger twin. She's a healer.

Yamato- the wolf watcher. He serves under Kale and Kayura as the leader of a pack of wolves. Garurumon is his partner.

Keissu- the glacier phantom. He's been alone in the mountains that surround the Glacen homeland for as long as he can remember. Some say he is the spirit of a warrior from the past, a phantos Legend from the age of Unity, and is the friend of Kall-su. (read: Keith Evans)

Frostemma- the snow witch.

Beruche- SM lady