Fire demons are ruled by the heat of the Sun's Fire, having been given life from that very substance by Aeris and Ryo's aid. They detest the Glacens and Water-dwellers, but like to tease and bully those of the Terras' making.

Hiei- a thieving Dragon Rider. He's quick, strong, and one of only fifty known mortals in the whole world with a third eye. His dragon is Kuroryuu.

Enji- the Lightning Assassin. The third oldest in a trio of brothers, Enji is a killer of killers. His gentlemanly streak, however, keeps him from assassinating women.

Rubeus- the middle, neglected child. With not much running from him, he bumps into the head of the Dark Moon Guild by accident. Events pile up and he's made their youngest member among the top four councilmen.

Tasuki- the dirty-mouthed thief. He's known for being more brash and egotistical than the average Fire demon. His current companion is Hiei, but dreams of finding a boy he once met 12 years ago.

Raye- the Psionic witch. She's nuts, pure and simple. Her husband is the ruler of the 'demons, Ifrit. She likes predicting events through her mystic Fire.

Ifrit- the demon of fire. Unlike the actual fire demons, Ifrit is a far cry from normal looking, but rules the 'demons with the power that they crave.

Magma- a pryomaniac. She's one of two royal guards.

Sunspot- a piece of the sun. He's mastered the technique of engulfing one's self in the plasma found on the sun's surface. He's the second royal guard.

Torch- guardian of Houou's Volcano. He has mastered a lesser technique of engulfin one's self in heat. Instead of the plasma, his is raw fire from the volcano. He's infatuated with an aisumancer.