There are two classes of dragon-based humans. The more common ones are dragons who have evolved into human-based creatures, called Dragonians. They're distinguished by the shimmering scales on their back. And although they have dragon-esque features, that does not guarantee a place with Dragon Riders.

Wei Fei Li - the dragon blood. He is the king of the Draconian empire in the east, Dragonier. He has three sons, two ligitimate (one hidden) and one not. He has a scar over his left eye and fights with throwing blades and a chain whip.

Pulse - the dragon statue. Wei's nearly-identical cousin and diplomatic decoy. He real name is Cho Huang Li, but changed his name when he faked his death. Wei knows of this false information, as does Chang, but no one else.

Chang Wu Fei - the dragon prince. Wufei is the heir of the Draconian monarchy, the Long clan. He is a Dragon Rider, having banded with Hiei and Tasuki, but has to return to the Kingdom by his 25th birthday, or he is disinherited. His dragon is Nataku and goes by the name Wufei.

Folken - Bahamut's priest. Fan Cho Ning.

Van - the bastard-prince. His mother disappeared shortly after his birth, right after she delivered him to the palace. If Wufei doesn't return, he is crowned king. Xiao Hui Wang.

Fei Fong Wong - the gemini dragon. He's the younger twin to Wufei, but was sent into hiding in case that something were to happen to Wufei in an act of war. Otherwise, he is to live his life in the common-district, as a continuation of the royal line in secrecy. His adopted parents also get anonymous donations, to keep the family healthy.

Long Mei Lan - the warrior wyvren. Meilan is the head general of Dragonier's military, the daughter of the Long clan's Marquise, and betrothéd to Wufei. Neither really like each other.

Valgarv - the horned vagabond. An oddity among Draconians, who seems to have de-evolved. He has a horn on the top of his head and has taken to the santuary beyond the kingdom, with Auron, Zero, and Dais. His real name is Zhao Ji Rong.

The second race is the Brood, who are actually the direct childern of Bahamut. They know what they are, but are unaware that others like themselves exist. They have the ability to transform into dragons.

Zell - the King's heir. He's the son of the acclaimed sorceress, Adel, and possesses the powers of her, Bahamut, and himself. He's the most powerful of the Brood, but has yet to realize his potential. He is a silver dragon and his Guiding Companion is Kero.

Filia - the orphan Drago. She's the oldest of the Brood, dating back 478 years. She never knew her mother, who had abandoned her once Filia was born. She is a gold dragon and her Guiding Companion is Gatomon.

Ryu - the timid warrior. He was left behind on a raid of his village and picked up by orphan thieves, Rei and Teepo. He is a jade dragon and his Guiding Companion is Pecoros, or Peco for short.

Teepo - the silent bandit. No one knows where Teepo came from and there seems to be no significance to his dragon power. He's older than Ryu, but not by too much. He's unaware than is is, infact, a dragon. Instead, his fighting ability rivals those of the best humans... and that's scary for such a small fella. 'Twere he aware of his dragon blood, he would be a dark grey-purple dragon and his Guiding Companion is Kan-oki.