Dragon Riders are those who can spiritually bond with dragons. It's a profession and an art. Riders swear loyality to Bahamut and must aid him before aiding another god, which drives some Riders crazy, as they also have sworn fidelity to another god. The Dragon Riders must be registered by their councilmen before becoming a legal Rider.

Chang Wufei - Nataku

Clair Ibuki - Kindra

Drake Pummelo - Dragonite

Hiei (thief) - Kuroryuu

Ichijouji Ken - Airdramon

Jounouchi Katsuya (card mage) - Red-Eyes Black Dragon

Kaiba Seto (card mage) - Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Lance Wataru - Aerodactyl

Liza Ibuki - Charizard

Motomiya Daisuke - Chibomon+

Seifer Almasy (Ulti temple knight) - Zell

Son Gohan (scholar, doesn't except) - Hiya dragon

Son Gokou - Shenlong

Son Goten - Hiya Dragon

The Thieves' Guild is an aloof society were thieves hold a strict code of honor while under it's name. The only people they do not allow in are the Saiyajin. Genomes are another thing. They obey the Commandments set down by Youko Kurama and Blank.

Hiei (dragon rider)

Kisaragi Yuffie (ninja, priestess to Blank)


Locke Cole





Yamucha ("Desert Bandit")

Zidane Tribal

Blacksmiths are another profession that takes skill and craft. Craftsmen/crafts designers work along side the blacksmith, detailing what the 'smiths produce. The Juu-gou twins guide their hands.

Aisha Klan-klan - blacksmith

Beatrix Steiner - craftswoman

Cloud Strife - blacksmith

Haiiro Takeshi - blacksmith

Roll Casket - craftswoman

Kento Fuan - blacksmith

Psionics are mentally disciplined in the art of mind control, telepathy, and psychokinetics. The inhuman Myuutsu is the master of this technique, with Blues as the second most powerful. Any species can learn it as long as they have the determination.

Betsy Braddock

Frostemma (Glacen)

Sabrina Natsume

Raye (Fire Demon)

Sumeragi Hokuto

Sumeragi Subaru

A spaceheart is a psionic in theory only, but they are more empathic than psychic. Only one exists as of yet.

Quatre Raberba Winner

Spirit Seers are more intuned with the afterworld and souls in people, sometimes being disruptive to the natural flow of space, or to themselves.

Kinomoto Touya

A Dreamer is a person with abilities to either create fantasical illusions or predict the future with precognition. Actually, their power is nearly limitless and fathom lifetimes. And the extent of their abilities is unknown.

Rinoa Heartilly (mage)

Rowen Hashiba (astrologist)

Ninja are an elite clan that can be assassins for hire and are very skilled, moreso than the real assassins, but they isolate themselves away from civilization and it's a job in itself to find them. They worship the Kagemusha twins.

Fujimiya Ran (works as an assassin)

Kisaragi Gogo (High Priest to Blank)

Kisaragi Yuffie (thief, priestess to Blank)

Kyou Anzu (priestess to Blues)

Kyou Koga (High Priest to Blues)

Li Syaoran

Twilight Suzuka (works as an assassin, priestess to Kayura)

Assassins are different from ninja, since they are more socially located. They also cost more and have no god to worship for this profession.

Fujimiya Ran (raised as a ninja)


Twilight Suzuka (trained by a ninja, priestess to Kayura)

Nocturns are wanderers of the night and are normally harmless people who just enjoy the night more than the day. It's not really a profession, but it's not a species either. However, there have been cases that say there is one nocturn who feeds off of human and animal blood. They are protected by Karen and Darkside.

Fysics make a living by becoming fighters, who have the power to win.

Eiji Shingo

Ella Ragu

Gao Ban

Kayin Amoh

Sabin Rene Figaro


Tifa Lockheart


Mages are the sorcerers and have a great adapt to preforming magic. If taught right, they can have very powerful magic of the elements and spells, but their elemental powers would never reach the skill a Mancer has over his or her choosen element.

Chichiri (mid-level mage, more powerful Aquamancer)

Edea Kramer

Eiko Carol

Eriol Ichijouji ("cards")


Garnet til Alexandros 17th

Jounouchi Katsuya ("cards")

Kaiba Seto ("cards")

Kinomoto Sakura ("cards")


Muto Yuugi ("cards")

Lina Inverse

Lulu Kramer

Rinoa Heartilly (dreamer)

Sakurazuka Seishirou (onmyouji)

Shuten (priest/advisor)

Sumeragi Hokuto

Sumeragi Subaru


Mancers are mages who are trained to perform under one element only. Examples are Pyromancers for fire and Necromancers for death. Most of the time, they withold their real name and give you one that they prefer to be called.

Aeromancer- Quicksilver/Pietro Maximoff

Aquamancer- Chichiri/Li Houjun (mage)

Geomancer- Kutal/unknown

Isumancer- Iceman/Bobby Drake

Luminamancer- Thunder Empress/Arshes Nei

Metallumancer- Magnus/Erik Lensherr (grandmaster)
          -Polaris/Lorna Dane (novice)

Naturamancer- Tatara/Tsounie Kasaru

Necromancer- Abigail/unknown
   Death/spirit communication

Pyromancer- Griffis/Burn Griffith (grandmaster)
          -Pyro/John St. Allerdyce (novice)

Espacemancer- Tokaki/Hahm Lanva
   Space/reality manipulation

Timamancer- Subaru/Hahm Doulin

Sorcerer hunters are a specially selected underground group who work as mercenaries, specifically on mages and mancers. They carry out jobs, ranging from retrieval to elmination. They're abilities include a sixth sense, that distinguishes the difference between races and mages.

Ashton Anchors

Cyan Garamonde

Carrot Glace

Marron Glace

Domon Kashu


Eternal Feuds have taken place since the races began. Some have began within the last few generations, some were just meant to clash.

Sumeragi --- Sakurazukamori

Fire element --- Water element --- Ice element
Exclusion of priests

Hikari --- Hikage

Seiji --- Kale (semi-resolved)