Changelings are mortals who have come to possess the ability to change their body in some way or form. Most have adapted an animal form, some have demon-based changes, and a select few can mold into anything they desire.

Hotsuma - the demi-human thief. Hotsuma is apart of the Guild, ranking an A out of a S-A-B-C class system. His form is that of a half demon, a form caught between his human appearance and a demon. [Self-placed enchantment]

Imite - the duplicating performer. Imite used to be a wanderer, performing with her transformational-shapeshifting powers to collect enough money to open her own theatre. She's been the director of many a play housed in that theatre. [Birth]

Vincent Valentine - the pacifist Nocturn. Vincent is a vampire with a cold heart, hiding behind it a passion for life. He hasn't seen the sun in 30 years and if that wasn't enough, a true devil form lays beneath his skin, called Chaos by the local villagers. [Curse]

Allura - blue-eyed lioness (Protector)

Keith - winged black lion (Protector)

Lance - firey-maned lion (Protector)

Pidge - green-eyed lion (Protector)

Hunk - brazen lion (Protector)

Bit - white liger (Protector)

The five are apart of a pride, having been formed long ago. Keith, the oldest, is over 200 years old, collecting poor souls who have been gifted/cursed with a leonine form. Allura is his mate, the fourth to join them. Lance was the second, Hunk the third, and Pidge the youngest, only 15 years old. They're a legendary group, hunted by ringmasters and poachers who believe the silly tales of lions changing into men.. They have befriended Triton Bloom. Bit is a special case. [Select chosen]

Ranma - woman (Fysic)

Ryoga - small piglet (Fysic)

Shampoo - kitty! (... I need to watch Ranma @@)

Their curses are unnatural, a trap set by a mischievous water-dweller. Whoever fell into a pool of the drowned whatever.. became the whatever. [Curse]

Raven Darkholme - the faceless assassin. She's deadly, lethal, accurate, devious, seductive, and will be the end of you with the end of her sword. She's always different, never the same person, and answers to a password so special and elite, only the kings have it. Some speculate that she, or even he, is many people conspiring. [Unknown]

Remus Lupin (Moony) - the lupine master. He's the elder son of Yamato and San, the wolf watchers. He's a natural lycanthrope. [Birth]

Rahne Lupin (Wolfsbane) - the lupine mistress. She's the daughter of Yamato and San. She's a lycanthrope in ever bit of the word. [Birth]

Yugo - the wolf man. [Cursed]

Alice - the reflected rabbit. [Unknown]

Lady Amalthea - unicorn (some high class person). [Protective enchantment]