Book One

Chapter 1- God origin myth; Daisuke's dream, introduced to Daisuke and Miyako.

Chatper 2- Mist man myth; Daisuke and Miyako get permission to leave, walk until it get's to evening. They run into some thieves and a white-haired man on a horse saves them. He's Dais, a traveller. He offers them a place to stay, which is near by, and helps them get to the next town by evening. A mist settles down and when the two wave to say goodbye again, he's gone and the mist is disappearing.

Chapter 3- Monkey-tail origin myth; Dai and Mi'ko wake up in Tamachi and wander around for a bit, since a man has agreed to cart them to the next town. They look around the market, but they run into Zidane, he's rude, but doesn't seem like a problem. Of course, Zidane is a master thief, but loves getting into trouble and stirring things up, so people spend the whole time trying to catch him, while DaiMi find him when they weren't supposed to. We find out he's a monkey-tail and they talk a bit, Zidane reflecting on a woman named Mikoto... but time runs up and the two have to go and catch their cart.

Chapter 4- Explain demi-gods myth; Dai and Miyako meet Muten Roshi, Dai's grandfather (and still the pervert we all know and love) from his mother's side. He's not allowed to leave the region, but is allowed to go anywhere except within the general area of Odaiba. Dai explains his dream to him and Roshi tries to determines it's meaning. His expert knowledge in the myths bring him to the conclusion that, since she's asking Dai to help find the stars, either the woman is blind or she's a demi-goddess of Kayura and wants into Heaven. So, guess what? They set out to really start their adventure.

Chapter 5- Thorough dragon rider myth; the trio starts to set out and look around the eastern region of the world, only to encounter three stray dragon riders and four very interesting chatacters. Two are humans and two are fire demons. Chang Wufei, who is recognized as the Ryuu Prince in the more traditional area of the East, is on the dragon Nataku. Ichijouji Ken and his small companion Wormmon ride a not too common Airdramon, a dragon brood with no names for their kind. The third dragon is ridden by the two demons, Hiei and Tasuki. Hiei is the Kuroryuu's true master and Tasuki is like a surrogate master... and the two are lovers. Roshi recognizes Hiei as the Dragon rider he met in the past. Hiei barely remembers Roshi, but does all the same. To make a long story short, Dai and Miyako fly with them while Roshi says farewell to the two and they set out for the quest.

Chapter 6- myth of the Draconians. It's been a few days and the group spends quality time together. Tasuki's the only one who's talkative, but Dai and Miya are entertained none the less. Dai asks about Draconians. Wufei divulges that information. And it's around this area that Dai discovers an egg. :B Thus starts Dai's dragon side-quest.

Chapter 7- dragon mating facts; we find them walking on foot, Tasuki strutting ahead, with no dragons in sight. This is where they come across a travelling man (unnamed), who's transporting illegally caught creatures. This is where they meet Legolas and Link.