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Chapter 3:
Market Bandit

Centuries ago, a kingdow ruled by a man, Bejiita, was full of those who would murder, steal, and sexually abused anyone they came across, whether it was in their own land or beyond the boundaries. Bejiita had only one rule: you control yourselves and no one else. Those who died were weak, who were robbed were unalert, who were raped were not worty of what they recieved. The neighboring lands scorned this practice and called upon the All Creators for help.

Years went by and newborns began growing tails at birth. Bejiita became scared and condemed the tailed ones to death. But they just kept coming. It was either commit genocide on his people or be marked... and when his next child was born, the latter was chosen.

Monkey-tails were separated into two classes, the Genomes and the Saiyans. However, no one but them knows the difference. ~*~