Sephiroth - All Creator

*Koarin - The One With No Name, Seph's lover

Tsunami - female All Creator, Seph's lil sister

Aeris - Goddess of Life

Zack McTrevor - Aeris' (im)mortal lover

Seiji - God of Day / Warmth

Ryo - God of Sun's Fire, Seiji's lover

Hikari - the Light

Hikage - the Shadow

Kale - God of Night

Kayura - Goddess of the Stars, Kale's lover

Usagi - Watcher of the Moonkeep

Ultimecia - Goddess of Time / the Past

Popolan+Peruru - flute players

Terra Envy - God of the Earth, Vesper's brother

Terra Vesper - Goddess of the Earth, Envy's sister

Kusanagi Mamoru - Terras' guardian

Rose Gods - Treize (black), Kojiro (white), Shuuichi (red)

Bahamut - Dragon King, Ruler of Riders

Tiger of the Wind - God of Storms

Raijin & Fuujin - Thunder and Wind, Tiger's assistants

Myuutsu - Master Psionic

Duo - God of Death / Death's judge

Heero - Silent Death

Dorothy - Goddess of War

Botan - Guide of the Lost

Cye - God of Oceans

Ami - Goddess of Ice / Fresh waters, Cye's wife

Leviathan - Cye's messenger (Cye and Ami's first born)

Youko Kurama - Fox god, King of Theives

Kagemusha (Shadow Warriors) - Blues and Blank (can travel in the light and dark) [twin brothers; sons of Hikage and Hikari; Buruusu & Buranku]

Juunana-gou + Juuhachi-gou - twins of forgery
Juu-kun - the blacksmith
Juu-chan - the crafts designer

Suzaku - Peacock god of the Fire Demons, the South, the Fire
   Zhuqiaomon - son of Suzaku, worshipped in south at the spirit of the Sun Fire
   Houou - daughter of Suzaku, worshipped as the source of the lava in the volcano she slumbers in

Byakko - Tiger god of the Nekojin, the West, the Wind
   Baihumon - first son of Byakko, worshipped in the west only as the provider of metal, is the companion to the Juu-twins
   Byakkuen - second son of Byakko, Ryo's companion, stirs the fire of the sun

Genbu - Turtle god of the Cobras and Elves, Pixies, etc, the North, the Earth
   Ebon-wu - the lesser brother, worshipped in the north only as the protector of the forests
   Xuan-wu - Ebon-wu's second head (on the left)

Seiryuu - Dragon god of the Water-dwellers and Glacens, the East, the Sea
   Quinlongmon - older twin, worshipped only in the east as the creator of sea weather
   Azulongmon - younger twin, worshipped in the east only as the creator of whirlpools
   Lugia - the Guide of Currents


Tenshi/Angels (children of Tenchi and Tsunami):
Zechs - winged messenger (Milliardo Peacecraft) [sender from heaven]
Yue - guardian power (Yukito Tsukishiro) [guards the gate to heaven]
Serenity - tranquil guidance (Selena Tsukino) [sets mortals on their paths of destiny]
Venus - blind love (Minako Aino) [rules over the love of mortals and gods; dangerous]
Archangel - vengence knight (Warren Worthington) [is pretty much the smitting angel; has blue skin o.O half the time]

Darkside - sureal cure [night angel; heals people while they sleep]
Kuronue - crafty trickster [night angel; normally runs with Youko Kurama or the Kagemusha]
Karen - raven mistress [night angel; conducts the night symphoney]

Akutenshi/Dark angels (children of Kale and Kayura):
Ken - Wormmon

Water-dwellers (children of Cye and Ami):
Jyou - Gomamon
Sakura (Daisy) - Dewgong
Ayame (Violet) - Starmie
Botan (Lily) - Horsea
Kasumi (Misty) - Lapras
S.S. - antro-morphers

Fire demons (Sun's Fire given life by Aeris):
Torch (half)

Glaciens (Ice given life by Aeris):
Iceman (half) (pending)

Dragon children (Bahamut's half dragon brood):
Zell - Kero (Sorceress Adel)

Filia - Gatomon (???)

Draconians (Bahamut's decendants / humans evolved from dragons):

Wild childs (children of Raijin and Fuujin):
Lita - Artemis (Thunder)
Soi - Mokono (Thunder)
Yamucha - Puar (Wind)

Anthro-morphers (haflings):
Rip-tachi (water dwellers)


Divine Children (heirs to the universe i.e. Seph and Ko's brats):
Dark Schneider

Bejiita Royal House (Monkey-tails)

Vegeta - King
Bulma - Queen (human)
Torankusu - Prince (first child), Mikoto's Bodyguard
Mikoto - Princesss (second child), the apple in Zidane's eye
Bura - Princess (third child)
Nappa - Vegeta, Bulma, and Bura's Bodyguard
Kuja - Royal Mage

Bardock - War Chief
  Radditz - Pan's Bodyguard
  Kakarrotto / Son Gokou - Dragon Rider

Son Chichi - Gokou's wife
  Gohan - Videl
       Pan - Priestess to Usagi
(Femmies are Genomes/Genomejin and masculines are Saiyans/Saiyajin)

Konan Royal House

Saihitei Hotohori - Emperor
Nuriko - (male) Empress
(Tenoh) Haruka - (female) Prince

The public doesn't know that Nuriko is a man and that Haruka isn't their real child.. or at least Nuriko's. He was a little jealous that Hotohori had to marry another princess to get the heir they needed. Not even the concubines knew that Nuriko was a male; they just convinced themselves that s/he couldn't conceive a child.

Haruka was conceived by the first woman he married, Houki, and the oldest to boot out of three. The chancellors advised that she be disregarded for the throne. And they did.. for the time being.

As she grew, Haruka showed many male traits. Climbing trees, fighting with her siblings, sword play, riding horses like men do, getting messy.

The public knows that Haruka is a female, but only acknowledges it when being addressed as 'she'. Otherwise, it's 'Prince Haruka', 'sir', and 'master'.

Why she's blonde is a mystery.

Haruka falls for the water maiden, Michiru, later on.

When /they/ get married, it's heir time. Both Michiru and Haruka get pregnant, hoping Haruka's will be a boy and Michiru's a girl, so both could be betrothed. The fathers, Gourry Gabriev (half elf) and Squall Leonhart, were also their private bodygaurds at the time.

Haruka and Gourry spawned Rei, who was as rebellious as they came and renamed himself Zero, a wandering mercenary refusing his right to the throne. He was 15 when he left, came under Auron's tutelage (with Dias Flac) soon after, and set out around 20. He was 19 when Gourry set out looking for him.

Michiru and Squall have Yakasa, about two years younger than Rei. He's half Water-Dweller, with his own Guiding Companion, Data. Despite being of the same gender, both he and Zero are heirs. No one said they had to like each other in /that/ way.

Annnnd, Haruka's next batch is twins, Nakago and Yui.













Aisu Kingdom (Glacens)

Koorudu- King
Shiva- Queen
Coora- Prince
Freezer- Prince

   Iceman-banished (pending)


Pryce (grandfather)
   Prima (older twin)

Thieves Guild

Master Thief-

Angel Battle

Tenshi were always allowed to wander the world, in human forms during the day. The night angels roamed the earth after hours during the light of the moon, as do the dark angels who are not earth bound.

Yue was one who didn't wander much, until Venus had pestered him into one lil trip away from the gates. Of course, as irony would had it, he met a young man named Tori Avalon. His cold heart gripped at this, but Tori already had someone. Julian Star. Of course, this caused controversy. Yue gave up and Zechs teased him about it.

Petty teasing led to full fledged fighting amongst the angels, Venus and Darkside had taken sides with Yue and Karen and Serenity sided with Zechs on the matter. Kuronue could only snicker and watch from the sidelines.

Years (300) went by and it finally led to a one on one battle between Yue and Zechs. Sephy finally got so fed up with the bickering and fights, that he confined Zechs and Yue into mortal forms: Milliardo Peacecraft, son of the pacifist king and Tsukishiro, lil bundle of mystery.

Memories are regained at the age of 18.

The other four angels were punished as well. Twenty years of loyal, obidiant, and discrete service to four kings. Kold (Serenity), Hotohori (Darkside), Vegeta (Karen), and Kisaragi (Venus).