Avalanche - Geomancer (Lance Avers)

Aya (Ran) - Ninja/Assassin

Biko - Assassin

Beatrix - Craftsman

Bulma - Queen (to Monkey-tails)

Chang Wufei - Dragon Rider (Nataku)

Chichiri - Mage

Clair - Dragon Rider (Kingdra [water dragon])

Cloud Strife - Blacksmith

Dilandau - Priest to Dorothy

Drake - Dragon Rider (Dragonite)

Ella - Fysic

Falarie - Mage

Falkner - Bird Trainer

Fujimia Momiji - Priestess to Terra Envy

Gao - Fysic

Hotohori - Emperor

Houki - (mother of Haruka)

Ichijouji Ken - Dragon Rider (Airdramon)

Inoue Miyako - Quester (supporting chara)

Juurokugou - Watcher (Mogs)

Kenji - Artist

Kinomoto Sakura - Mage

Kinomoto Touya - Spirit Seer

Kisaragi Godo - Ninja, High priest to Blues

Kisaragi Yuffie - Ninja/Thief, priestess to Blues

Kyou Janine - Ninja, priestess to Blank

Kyou Koga - Ninja, High priest to Blank

Koji - Thief

Kunikida Kaede - Priestess to Terra Vesper

Lance - Dragon Rider (Aerodactyl)

Li Syaoran - Ninja

Lina Inverse - Mage

Liza - Dragon Rider (Charla/Charizard)

Locke Cole - Thief

Meioh Setsuna - Prietess of Ultimecia

Motomiya Daisuke - Quester (main character)

Muten Roshi - advisor (Dai-chan's granddaddy... for lack of better people)

Nuriko - Emp(eror)(ress)

Quatre Raberba Winner - Spaceheart

Quicksilver - Aeromancer (Peitro Maximoff)

Rinoa Heartilly - Mage/Dreamer

Roll Casket - Craftsman

Rowen Hashiba - Astrologist/Dreamer

Sabin Rene Figaro - Fysic

Sabrina - Psionic

San (Mononoke) - Wolf-watcher (w/ Yamato)

Seifer Almasy - Temple Knight to Setsuna/Ultimecia

Setsuna - Priestess to Ultemecia Shuten - Mage/Priest/Advisor

Shuu Rei - Blacksmith

Takeshi - Blacksmith

Tenoh Haruka - Prince(ss)

Tifa Lockheart - Fysic

Rini Tsukino - Future priestess to Ultimecia

Twilight Suzuka - Ninja, priestess to Kayura

Yamucha - Thief (prefers Desert Bandit)

Zell Dincht - Fysic

Fire Demons

Hiei - Thief/Dragon Rider (Kuroryuu)

Raye - Psionic

Rebeus - Black Moon Guild member

Tasuki - Thief

Enji - Assassin

Torch - (half) Guardian (Johnny Storm)


Aisha Klan-klan - Blacksmith

Anna Puna - harlot, Uni's twin

Merle - Priestess to Ryo

Ryoko - Thief

Uni Puma - harlot, Ana's twin


Folken - Priest to Bahamut

Van - Dragon Rider (Escaflowne)


Bura - Princess

Kuja - Mage

Mikoto - Princess

Radditz - Bodyguard to Pan

Son Gokou - Dragon Rider (Shenlong)

Son Pan - Priestess to Usagi

Torankusu - Prince

Vegeta - King

Zidane Tribal - Thief


Iceman - (half) Mage

Ishida Yamato - Wolf-watcher, servant of Kale

Shiva - Queen

Yukina - Healer

Beruche - merchant (make up)

Prima - Warrior

Lorelei - Bodyguard

Pryce - Old man


Chameleon - Morpher

Forte - Mage/Bodyguard

Hebi (Snakeman) - ??

Naga - Mage

Reptile - Assassin

Sehkmet - King


Hotsuma - Thief

Imite - Morpher

Vincent Valentine - Nocturn


Xellos - Mage


Dragon Riders - people who use dragons for free spirits

Thieves' Guild - just as it says, very aloff

Blacksmiths - found in hot, dirty rooms tempering weapons and armor =P

Craftsmen - forms and carves the weapons and armor

Psionics - telepaths

Ninja - assassins for hire, like working at night, but can't move with shadows like kagemusha can

Assassins - They are different from ninja, but have more of a social life and are discovered through connections instead of sought out in clans

Nocturns - wanderers of the night, normally not a threat

Fysics - Fighters of the body (martial arts)

Mages - magicians who excell in many magics, but none come close to the power of a specific element like mancers do

Mancers - mages who specialize in only one element, i.e. Geomancers-earth, Necromancers-death, Pyromancers-fire; normally take on a code name

Aisha Klan-klan - Nekojin Blacksmith

Anna Puna - Nekojin harlot, Uni's twin

Avalanche - Human Geomancer (Lance Avers)

Aya (Ran) - Human Ninja

B-ko - Human Assassin

Beatrix - Human Craftsman

Bulma - Human Queen (to Monkey-tails)

Chang Wufei - Human Dragon Rider (Nataku)

Chichiri - Human Mage

Clair - Human Dragon Rider (Kingdra [water dragon])

Cloud Strife - Human Blacksmith

Dilandau - Human Priest to Dorothy

Drake - Human Dragon Rider (Dragonite)

Ella - Human Fysic

Falarie - Human Mage

Falkner - Human Bird Trainer

Folken - Draconian Priest to Bahamut

Forte - Cobra Mage/Bodyguard

Fujimia Momiji - Human Priestess to Terra Envy

Gao - Human Fysic

Haruka Tenoh - Human Prince(ss)

Hiei - Fire Demon Thief/Dragon Rider (Kuroryuu)

Hotohori - Human Emperor

Hotsuma - Changling Thief

Iceman - (half) Glacen Mage

Ichijouji Ken - Human Dragon Rider (Airdramon)

Imite - Changling Morpher

Inoue Miyako - Human Quester (supporting chara)

Ishida Yamato - Glacen Wolf-watcher, servant of Kale

Janine - Human Ninja, priestess to Blank

Juuroku-gou - Human Watcher (Mogs)

Kenji - Human Artist

Kisaragi Godo - Human Ninja, High priest to Blues

Kisaragi Yuffie - Human Ninja/Thief, priestess to Blues

Koga - Human Ninja, High priest to Blank

Koji - Human Thief

Kuja - Monkey-tail Mage

Kunikida Kaede - Human Priestess to Terra Vesper

Lance - Human Dragon Rider (Charizard)

Li Syaoran - Human Ninja

Lina Inverse - Human Mage

Locke Cole - Human Thief

Merle - Nekojin Priestess to Ryo

Mikoto - Monkey-tail Princess

Motomiya Daisuke - Human Quester (main character)

Muten Roshi - Human advisor (Dai-chan's granddaddy... for lack of better people)

Nuriko - Human Emp(eror)(ress)

Quicksilver - Human Aeromancer (Peitro Maximoff)

Raye - Fire Demon Psionic

Rebeus - Fire Demon Black Moon Guild member

Rinoa Heartilly - Human Mage/Dreamer

Roll Casket - Human Craftsman

Rowen Hashiba - Human Astrologist

Ryoko - Nekojin Thief

Sabin Rene Figaro - Human Fysic

Sabrina - Human Psionic

Sehkmet - Cobra King

Seifer Almasy - Human Temple Knight to Setsuna

Shiva - Glacen Queen

Son Gokou - Dragon Rider (Shenlong)

Son Pan - Monkey-tail Priestess to Usagi

Takeshi - Human Blacksmith

Tasuki - Fire Demon Thief

Torankusu - Monkey-tail Prince

Torch - (half) Fire Demon Guardian (Johnny Storm)

Tifa Lockheart - Human Fysic

Twilight Suzuka - Human Ninja, priestess to Kayura

Uni Puma - Nekojin harlot, Ana's twin

Van - Draconian Dragon Rider (Escaflowne)

Vegeta - Monkey-tail King

Vincent Valentine - Changling Nocturn

Xellos - Dark-crawler Mage

Yamucha - Human Thief (prefers Desert Bandit)

Yukina - Glacen Healer

Zelgadis - Chimera Mage

Zell Dincht - Human Fysic

Zidane Tribal - Monkey-tail Thief

Mogs - small, white, dancing creatures with pompoms on their heads normally found celebrating the world when you come across them. Either known as mogs or moogles, dependning on what part of the world you live in.

   •Artemecion- A moogle with a light violet coat and a tendencies to be lazy.
   •Mene- A responsible mog that cares for injured animals and tends to avoid civilization.

Fae - Small creatures either six inches tall or six feet tall. They grow wings after their 150th birthday, but then, they are permenantly trapped in their normal height (below half a foot). Also called Faeries, Elves, and Pixies, depending on location.

   •Lady Une- a Fae with a split personality so random, even she doesn't know which is really her, though she tends to stay on her nice side.
   •Rufus Shinra- a Pixie who prefers to attempt blending in with the human crowd, but it normally doesn't work. His father is the dicator of the Western Pixies.

XSoul - creatures that are bonded, in a way, to another race. They vary in appearance, but all have one thing in common: they never abandon their partner. The scientific names for them are Magi Bonds, Soul Extension, or Soul Structure and they are either a blessing or a curse, to their partner or to the people around them. What they really are are Guiding Companions (unknown info: means they're godlings).

   •Kero- bonded to Zell Dincht, a floating yellow teddybear, if you mind, with wings and a lion's tail. Can become... well, bigger. (Keroberos)
   •Puar- bonded to Yamucha, a floating cat creature with the ability to shape shift into anything for a certain period of time.
   •Artemis- bonded to Mikoto, a white cat from Usagi's special breed on the moon who can talk and is often the voice of reason in Mikoto's brash ways.
   •Wormmon- bonded to Ken, was claimed to have been found injured in the woods by Ken and was nursed back to health. He worries a lot over Ken and is often a mother-figure to him. Can shift into a bigger form. (Stingmon)
   •Gomamon- bonded to Jyou, a small, talking seel with a wise attitude to compliment Jyou's shy and cowardly personality. Grows. (Ikkakumon)


Zell, Tifa, Sabin

Takeshi, Cloud, Kenta, Beatrix, Roll

Teepo, Rei, Ryuu

Saihitei, Ryuuen, Houki, Haruka, Michiru, Gourry, Squall, Rei/Zero Yui

Zero, Auron

Pietro, Lance

Keith, Lance, Pidge, Hunk, Allura, Trowa

Yuugi, Yami, Sakura, Li